Minecraft player creates a custom boss enemy for jungle temples

One of the best aspects of the Minecraft 1.19 update was the introduction of a new mob. Although the Warden is technically not considered a boss like the Ender Dragon or the Wither, it’s the strongest and most difficult mob that players will face in the game. Adding it provided a unique new challenge to the game, and the community loved it.

In a similar vein, some generated structures in the game could use a boss to guard them. One Minecraft Redditor believed that the jungle temple structure required a tough boss, so they set out to create their own.

Minecraft Redditor designs new boss for jungle temple

Minecraft would certainly benefit from having more bosses with challenging gameplay. There are some really cool places to go in the game, and the best ones usually have some sort of challenge associated with them. For example, exploring the End requires defeating the Ender Dragon and looting an Ocean Monument requires defeating the Elder Guardian.

Jungle temples are an often overlooked generated structure. They’re one of the rare structures in the game and are usually difficult to find when they do generate. They’re often hidden away in the dense jungle and are nearly impossible to see unless players are really close.

This is a shame because they’re one of the best structures in the game. Minecraft Redditor u/WhimzeeYT set out to make the structure bigger (which would help it get found far more often) and added a unique challenge.

The boss here is one of the most intricate in the game. It’s far more detailed than even the Ender Dragon, which is the final boss of the game.

The new boss, called “Sizin the Stinking One,” has a lot of health and a few varied attacks that make it a formidable opponent. It sends out vex-like creatures that extend and move directly towards a player. It also shoots ghoul-like entities at the player that can trigger the poison effect.

The brand new custom boss (Image via u/WhimzeeYT on Reddit)
The brand new custom boss (Image via u/WhimzeeYT on Reddit)

The changes made by the Redditor impact the game in a couple of ways. First, jungle temples would be more common than they currently are, and they’d be found much more often as a result.

The loot, as good as it already is, would also improve because it would need to compensate for the risk involved in taking on the new boss (much like the Ancient City’s loot being worth the risk of taking on the Warden).

It’s something the community would likely welcome, as they’ve given this post a ton of attention. Commenter u/Aethz3 noted the incredible attention to detail:

Others noticed an interesting moral dilemma the boss poses:

Minecraft player u/Jash0822 noticed a reference to another classic video game:

Many commenters were left awestruck, and some wanted to see Mojang step up their game:

The lack of new content is something that has frustrated a few members of the Minecraft community:

The community seems to have appreciated the incredible new boss created by u/WhimzeeYT. They’ve given it 13 thousand upvotes in just 22 hours.

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