Minecraft player create iconic dogfight scene from Top Gun: Maverick

Since Minecraft is a sandbox game, it allows players to let their imagination fly and create or re-create anything they want. With thousands of mods and software that enhance the game’s capabilities even further, individuals have forged some of the most stunning creations.

Recently, a Redditor named ‘u/asdx09’ posted a breathtaking picture of two fighter jets fighting each other while flying past a massive snowy mountain. The image was inspired by the 2022 movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ which featured a thrilling dogfight scene.

The sheer size of the mountain was mesmerizing, and the fight between the two jets was extremely accurate. Even the missile that was heading towards the jet had a red streak and smoke trail. This shows how much effort the original poster put into re-creating the shot. Even though the Redditor made it with Blender and WorldPainter, the level of skill required to create this scene was highly commended by fans.

Users react to Minecraft Redditor’s recreation of Top Gun: Maverick‘s dogfight scene

Since the dogfight scene is one of the most iconic moments in the Tom Cruise-starrer Top Gun: Maverick, many Redditors on the official Minecraft Reddit page recognized it immediately. Redditors bombarded the post with over 12 thousand upvotes within a single day. People talked about how the movie scene was re-created and also discussed the method used by the original poster.

The dogfight scene recreation was so accurate and perfectly shot that many users didn’t even believe the original poster made it in Minecraft. The mountains, jets, and even the missile were so detailed that they completely negated the blocky graphics of the sandbox game. Additionally, the positioning of the shot and the shaders enhanced the picture even more.

The original poster mentioned that they made the recreation with the help of Blender and a tool called WorldPainter. This sparked a massive debate among Redditors on whether it could be considered a Minecraft creation or not.

Many called the original poster a cheater for using third-party tools to create the scene, while others countered and explained how difficult it is to operate WorldPainter and Blender at such a high level. Even though the final result was technically made with the help of the sandbox game, the debate continued on the thread.

Apart from all the heated debate on whether the original poster cheated, it is safe to say that they recreated the scene perfectly. Hence, most comments were about appreciating the majestic scene and commending the original poster for it.

Since WorldPainter and Blender are complex and confusing tools to work with, this recreation is worth the appreciation, even though the original poster didn’t place each and every block in the game themselves.

Overall, the post was quite popular on the official Minecraft Reddit page, receiving thousands of upvotes. Although people didn’t fully accept that the re-creation was ‘made in Minecraft,’ they nonetheless appreciated the original poster’s efforts. The picture continues to receive loads of views and reactions.

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