Minecraft Player Collects a Year’s Worth of XP in One Go

A Minecraft fan has uploaded a video of themselves collecting a year’s worth of XP in one go, thanks to cactuses and a furnace. As a video game that’s perfect for alleviating boredom, Mojang’s open-world sandbox title is chock-full of content and things to do, affording players the ability to unleash their creative potential. Along the way, whether it’s through crafting or exploring, experience points can be gathered, which can be used to enchant items, and there are many ways to earn it.


Pretty much all players farm for XP in Minecraft, whether they intend to or not. It can be earned by mining certain ores, killing enemies, breeding animals, defeating bosses, or even having a relaxing time fishing, and a myriad other ways. Over the course of an average playthrough, earning a lot of XP can be a long process, and dying will set players back to zero. However, one fan has shown that it’s possible to collect a ton of experience points in one go, though even this requires a lot of patience.

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As seen by PCGamesN, Reddit user JustinTimeCuber shared a clip of themselves just playing a game of Minecraft as normal. At the start, they can be seen approaching a series of furnaces, one of which has a sign saying “DO NOT TOUCH until September 21 2022.” They then throw their items down and stand on lava until they die. Upon respawning, they approach one of the furnaces and activate a lever. As soon as they do, their XP bar begins to shoot up, reaching level 226 within a matter of seconds. Apparently, this is the equivalent of 196,000 little green balls of experience, all collected in around eight seconds.

The user was able to achieve this by smelting cactuses in a furnace, which creates green dye in Minecraft and grants XP upon collection. However, JustinTimeCuber didn’t grab the dye immediately and instead spent a year continually adding cactuses to the furnace. Once they activated the switch, a year’s worth of XP, and a ton of green dye, was unleashed all in one go. Many would agree that the video is quite pleasing to the eye.

Minecraft truly is a game with near-infinite replayability. After more than a decade, it doesn’t appear the community is growing tired of it, with so many fans coming forward to show off their projects, ideas, and discoveries. To spend a year building up XP does take some dedication, and it will be interesting to see what other playthroughs gamers will demonstrate next.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN

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