Minecraft Player Builds Incredible Recreation of the Cap Kingdom From Mario Odyssey

The Cap Kingdom, the first kingdom seen in Super Mario Odyssey, gets a blocky makeover when one gamer remakes it inside Minecraft.

The Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey has been recreated in the world of Minecraft thanks to the efforts of one fan. Using the impressive suite of blocks and items available in Minecraft, the player was able to replicate many of the features of the area in the Cap Kingdom known as Bonneton.

As the first kingdom explored during Super Mario Odyssey, the Cap Kingdom is memorable for many players. The appearance of the town known as Bonneton is heavily influenced by the design of a top hat and features a color palette primarily of black and white. In addition, the locals of the kingdom are known as Bonneters, and notably, one of them called Cappy accompanies Mario throughout Super Mario Odyssey. Recently, one fan remade this opening kingdom in another game, and the results were impressive.


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Taking to Reddit, user Fliqon shared pictures of a Super Mario Odyssey-themed project they had recently completed in Minecraft. Among the highlights, the build featured the two bridges connecting several parts of the location, while the houses of Bonneton were scattered around the area. Furthermore, the builder even recreated the massive Top-Hat Tower seen in the kingdom and superimposed the gigantic moon from the game behind it. To help compare the designs, the creator included a picture of the original appearance of the Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey, evidencing the accuracy of their recent recreation.

Cap Kingdom 1

In the comments section of the Reddit post, Fliqon provided some details about how they created the Cap Kingdom in Minecraft. According to the Reddit user, the project took about six to 10 hours of work to complete over roughly a week. Unsurprisingly, they revealed a significant source of inspiration for the project came from their love of Super Mario Odyssey, noting that they had previously collected all 999 Power Moons in the game. In addition, Filqon said they plan to make every kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey in the world of Minecraft. Based on a comment from the creator, they want to build the Cascade Kingdom next, which would make sense, considering it is the second kingdom visited in the game.

Cap Kingdom 2

Cap Kingdom 3

This recreation of the Cap Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey is another example of the creativity Minecraft allows its players. Besides this build made by Fliqon, numerous gamers, who are also talented builders, have been showcasing their impressive creations. For example, one gamer recently revealed they were making Verdansk from Call of Duty: Warzone inside Minecraft. As creations such as these attest, it is only a matter of time before more players make builds based on other popular video games.

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Source: Reddit

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