Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Realistic Tank

A Minecraft player builds an impressive World War 2 Tiger 1 German tank that looks realistic with the help of a couple of immersive mods.

A dedicated Minecraft player has built an impressive and realistic tank based on a German Tiger 1 from World War 2 with the help of mods and skin that’s period appropriate. Since even before the full version of Minecraft was released back in 2011, plenty of players crafted incredible creations using the many blocks available in the early version of the game, and the addition of mods and more blocks over time just made this Reddit user’s tank more possible.


Reddit user Zmilkirill recently shared their own Minecraft Tiger 1 tank created using the Chisels and Bits and Little Blocks mods to accurately reflect the antique war machine. Little Blocks is among the immersive Minecraft mods that allow players who install it more flexibility in the customization by making the materials used in creative mode a lot smaller than the traditional blocks that they’re used to seeing in the game. Chisels and Bits combines with Little Blocks to make it easier to turn the bigger blocks into specific designs like this Tiger 1 tank created by Zmilkirill.

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Zmilkirill’s Minecraft screenshots show the player in a skin that resembles a soldier from the time missing a helmet that’s standing atop the large dark brown tank, with another one exclusively focusing on the Tiger 1. The image shows two scenes with a dark and gritty background and a cloudy sky which may be an additional mod providing more of the World War 2 aesthetic, contrasting the Cold War look of another Minecraft creation. The top Minecraft screenshot in the image shows the Tiger 1 from an angle that emphasizes Zmilkirill’s attention to detail, while the bottom one is a glimpse at the finer points around the cannon.

The Tiger 1 created by Zmilkirill utilizes the help of the aforementioned mods to effectively detail the World War 2 tank, sparing no expense by including each nut and bolt that would be expected to keep the old vehicle together. Given how little of the Tiger 1’s surface the Minecraft character model takes up, the Minecraft creation is seemingly built larger than its real-life counterpart which may be due to how many blocks are required in order to mimic the tank. Though this isn’t the first time that Zmilkirill’s Tiger 1 has been shared among the Minecraft community, it has garnered the attention of many fans once again.

Although Zmilkirill has confirmed that the tank their Minecraft creation is based on is the Tiger 1, others have stated that it also resembles an Abrams, a Baneblade from Warhammer, or a tank in Arma. Several Minecraft fans have expressed their appreciation for the World War 2 tank design from Zmilkirill, while one inquired about the gray skies in the background which are uncommon in the Mojang game.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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