Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Docks Inspired by the Game Stray

A Minecraft fan has combined two seemingly very different IPs by creating a docks area in the game inspired by BlueTwelve Studio’s feline adventure game Stray. Minecraft has proven its longevity by remaining incredibly popular even 11 years after release, and some of that lasting power comes from players’ ability to build nearly anything their minds can dream up.

BlueTwelve Studio’s release, on the other hand, is a fairly linear experience that enjoyed a surge in popularity when it came out in July 2022. That was somewhat due to Stray launching as part of PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tiers, giving players access from day one. But primarily, the game’s success can be attributed to its melding of engaging gameplay, a rich atmosphere, immersive environments, catchy music and, of course, a tabby cat as the player character.


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A Minecraft player going by the name Junopii over on Reddit has shared a series of images of a dock area they created in Mojang’s blocky world. Inspired by Stray, some of the pictures really seem to have been pulled straight out of the adventure game, such as the kiosk with bar stools lined up at the counter. The image that will be instantly recognized by any fan of Stray is the last in the lineup, which features three cats, one of them orange with white paws just like the game’s protagonist. The air conditioning units that the kitty uses to climb about are even represented in the photo.

Additional images of Junopii’s Minecraft creation can be found on Reddit.

The other images, while not necessarily immediately calling to mind BlueTwelve’s game, certainly show their inspiration. The world in Stray is very vertical, with multi-level buildings and plenty of nearly unnoticeable ledges and boxes for a cat to climb on. Though Junopii’s interpretation lacks the darkness and neon, that unique upward-bound feeling of the game has been successfully recreated.

Stray takes place within the confines of Walled City 99, which was built to serve as a sanctuary from a post-apocalyptic world. The player embodies an orange cat who has been separated from its family and must navigate the confusing streets and rooftops of the city to get back home. Along the way, the feline encounters all manner of interesting robots, which have evolved into sentient beings in the absence of humans, as well as more hostile creatures that obstruct the path.

Other IPs, whether they be video games, films, or books, have inspired all kinds of creations in Minecraft. Mojang’s open-world sandbox title provides a perfect canvas for people to build almost anything they wish, from Star Wars to The Exorcist to Indiana Jones. One Minecraft player is even recreating Undertale, transforming the 2D screens of the 2015 indie title into a colorful 3D world, and that’s just one of thousands of impressive builds produced in the game over the years.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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