Minecraft Player Builds Driveable Car in Vanilla Game

The huge map and powerful tool set that Minecraft features has allowed players to build and create some fascinating things over the years, and there is no sign of that slowing down yet. Given that it’s one of the best video games to induce mindfulness, surprisingly losing out to the likes of Skyrim and The Witcher 3, many fans will find themselves simply getting lost in whatever projects they’re working on. Sometimes, these endeavors seem to go beyond what the original developers intended.


That’s what YouTuber Mysticat has done recently, with a video that shows they’ve managed to create a car in Minecraft. Only, this isn’t just a bunch of blocks placed together to make it look like a car. This one actually works, with the player able to be inside the vehicle and move it in any direction. This was all achieved in the vanilla version of the game as well, so no mods were involved.

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In fact, aside from building the car itself, the only major tool Mysticat used were Minecraft‘s command blocks as well as some command lines. In a roundabout way, the vehicle is able to move by essentially having the player ported inside the car and it then being able to move along with them. In short, it’s more the player who’s moving, with the constructed car built around them moving along with them. Still, the video shows that it’s an impressive feat, with it taking numerous attempts and a number of tried and tested commands to get it working properly.

Being able to make fully working transportation in a game that utilizes 1×1 blocks is not an easy trick to pull off. A few people have successfully managed it, with one user recently building a working Minecraft train. That seemed more complicated than the car and required the building of numerous engines and switches that had to be activated in a certain sequence. Again, it’s mightily impressive to see people able to construct movable vehicles in this way.

Using command blocks can produce some very interesting things, not just a driveable car. Last year, someone was able to create a perfect circle in Minecraft, which shows an incredible mix of ingenuity and the power of these special blocks. Such examples prove that the fan base is awash with many talented individuals, and it makes a case for the game itself being more than just a sandbox survival title with cutesy graphics.

Minecraft is available now for Mac, Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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