Minecraft player adds 12 new dyes to the game

In Minecraft, people can use several dyes to color different items and blocks. This is a great feature that lets players customize their world with a specific color theme. However, there are only 16 dyes of different colors in the official game. Luckily, thousands of mods let players add new features to the sandbox title. One of them is related to dyes.

A Redditor by the name of ‘u/itayfedar’ created their very own dye mod and showcased it on the official Minecraft Reddit page. They uploaded a picture of several blocks and sheep with 12 new and different colors. Shades like coral, beige, olive, turquoise, amber, bubblegum, bordeaux, ender, mint, indigo, ochre, and lavender were shown by the Redditor in the picture.

These names were given by the creator of the mod itself.

They also mentioned that this mod is available on the CurseForge website for download. After creating the mod, they were able to proudly showcase it and even commented the link to their mod page.

Users react to Minecraft Redditor adding 12 new dyes to the game

Minecrafters always appreciate new mods being made in the community that target small and particular deficiencies in the vanilla version. Though the game has ample dyes and players do not crave more, a mod to add 12 extra dyes was well-received on Reddit. Within a day, the post received over 5,000 upvotes and loads of comments.

Tinted mod for Minecraft on the CurseForge website (image via Sportskeeda)
Tinted mod for Minecraft on the CurseForge website (image via Sportskeeda)

The original poster penned down a comment with the link to the mod webpage on CurseForge. They have named the mod ‘Tinted,’ which fits well with what the mod offers. The original poster also mentioned how the mod is totally compatible with other mods like Quark, Supplementaries, Create, etc. It is also available for the latest 1.19.2 game version.

Redditors were amazed to see so many colors being added to the game with the mod. Some didn’t even feel the need for more colors until they saw the mod, while others gave suggestions to add more colors and expand the mod even further. They were quite fascinated by the variety of colors added as dyes.

Some players were sad about not being able to use the mod as they were playing Bedrock Edition. As of now, the original poster has only made the mod for Java Edition. Hopefully, when the mod is in demand, the original poster will think about making the mod for the other edition as well.

Since the mod mainly focused on adding new colors to the game, one of the Redditors online humorously pointed out how this was the real World of Update. Mojang released Minecraft 1.12, which was named ‘World of Color Update;’ hence, this reference was made in the comments. The original poster also agreed and wanted this mod to be a “spiritual successor” to that update.

Overall, the Minecraft Reddit community highly appreciated the mod that added 12 new dyes and colors. The post continues to gather views, upvotes, and comments even a day after it was uploaded.

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