Minecraft on PC: How to download the game on PC

One of the most well-liked game platforms for both children and adults is Minecraft. Players can explore numerous worlds in the video game Minecraft and create their way inside of them. With the available materials, users can express their creativity by building everything from modest abodes to massive castles. We’ll explain how to download and install Minecraft on PC so you can start playing it and having fun.

Even more platforms than the PC are supported by Minecraft, but downloading and installing the game on devices like the iPhone, Xbox One, or PS4 only requires visiting the app store. But with a PC, it’s not so easy, so let’s get started!

Steps to download Minecraft on PC

  • You should head over to the Minecraft website to learn how to download Minecraft for PC.
  • A green box with the words “get Minecraft” should be visible to the left. Click  that.
  • You must now decide which version of Minecraft you wish to download after clicking the button.
  • Select the “computer” option from the list.
  • The next decision is the version you wish to download: Windows 10 or the Java Edition of Minecraft.
  • If you selected the Windows 10 game, you will be taken to a Minecraft website specific to that version with a “purchase” button. Select “purchase”

Tell us about your installation issues in the comments section below. We’re pleased to assist you!

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