Minecraft Needs More Features Like Ancient Cities

Minecraft is a game that is filled with things for players to do, whether it is building a base, searching for buried treasure, or exploring one of the dangerous dimensions. On top of this, Minecraft continues to grow with each new update adding new mobs, blocks, items, and features that change the way players navigate the game. The most recent Minecraft update, The Wild Update, added a new feature to the overhauled caves, the Ancient Cities, filled with darkness and the lurking Warden.


Ancient Cities are not a unique feature of the game, instead, they can be seen as a variant of preexisting structures that already spawn naturally. Woodland Mansions and Ocean Monuments are two rare structures that can be found through world exploration, each holding tons of useful loot, with the Ocean Monument in particular also housing unique blocks that cannot be found elsewhere. These structures are similar to the Ancient Cities in these ways, and while players have three unique structures they can search for, adding more can make exploring worlds in Minecraft much more worthwhile.

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Ancient Cities, Woodland Mansions, And Ocean Monuments


The main functionality behind each of these structures in Minecraft is the loot that can be found there, from diamonds to useful armor and weapons, players are encouraged to explore them simply because it can give them valuable resources that would otherwise take hours to find. Woodland Mansions in particular are the most reliable places for players to get Totems of Undying, an especially useful item that, when held, can prevent a player’s death. Ocean Monuments also have their own usefulness being the only place to find sponge blocks, required to drain large quantities of water, as well as Sea Lanterns which is a great decoration block.

Ancient Cities seem to be on track towards having the same functionality, at the moment, however, their main use is finding tons of loot that generate in chests here, as well as the sculk catalyst that allows players to produce infinite shriekers and sensors, both of which are especially useful for Redstone builds. Furthermore, Ancient Cities also spawn certain blocks that were previously only found in the Nether, such as soul sand and basalt, the former of which is a mainstay for many automated farms. While all these structures generate these blocks that players actively look for, they are also filled with extremely dangerous mobs, making exploring the structures all the more challenging.

Other Biomes That Deserve Similar Structures


At the moment, there are only three biomes that house these types of structures, the Deep Dark, the Deep Oceans, and the Dark Forest. However, there is a case for Minecraft to include even more structures in different biomes. While it would be easy for the game to add them into every biome, keeping certain biomes as they give players more of an incentive to explore, thus, the game should only include these structures in particularly rare biomes. Badlands, certain mountains, ice spikes variants of the Snowy Biome, and Mushroom Fields could all use a unique structure that would make them more useful to the player and incentivize them to seek these biomes out.

Ice Spikes especially are in desperate need of a structure since there is not a lot of use for these biomes at the moment and many players choose to ignore them. Adding a structure here with useful variants of ice that can help with creating automated farms or even stacking them with tons of loot will make the biomes much more viable for players to explore. Following the Caves & Cliffs update, adding structures to mountains, or even simply overhauling the Pillager Outposts, could help different types of mountains stand apart and encourage players to get to know the land around their base.

Minecraft is a game that is built around exploration and advancement through finding valuable resources. So, with new structures like the Ancient Cities, Woodland Mansions, and Ocean Monuments, players will not only be encouraged to explore more but will also gain more opportunities to find useful loot that can help them progress in their world. There are several biomes in Minecraft that stand out for being extremely bland at the moment, and adding a single structure to these biomes could help them become viable spots for exploration and could even see players move in and call those biomes their home.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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