Minecraft Modder Adds Nearly 40 New Mob Variants to the Game

A Minecraft modder has added variants of some of the game’s mobs, implementing a range of skins to breathe new life into some of the inhabitants’ looks. The 2011 sandbox title already has so much to see and do, and with Mojang due to release version 1.20 soon, there’s going to be even more content. Then there’s the fan base itself, which is consistently putting out its own custom modifications to really give the world that near-infinite appeal.


Given that mobs are an integral part of Minecraft, having more to see and interact with is only going to add variety to the experience. From the industrious villagers to the hostility of skeletons, zombies, and Endermen, there have been plenty of NPCs that the studio has added to the game since it was released well over a decade ago. Now, there are even more for players to see frolicking across the blocky land.

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As seen by PCGamesN, modder nyuppo has uploaded this latest project, which adds variations on some of the mobs in Minecraft. The description on Curse Forge, a resource site that caters to all sorts of mods for the game, states that “More Mob Variants” comes with new skins, including three for the cat; eight for the chicken, which includes a skeleton version; several for the zombie, such as an Alex skin; and more. In total, there are just shy of 40 new skins for these particular mobs, though there hasn’t been any confirmation from the moddern on whether other NPCs will be getting their own variations.

As huge as the game already is, that hasn’t stopped the modding community from adding even more features and ideas. There are some Minecraft mods that make the game feel completely different, such as one that adds a whole colony to the world, or another that takes players to outer space. It’s things like this, not to mention the official updates from the developer, that explain why the game feels pretty much endless.

The fact that Mojang is working on Minecraft Legends, which is an action strategy spin-off, shows how much life is still left in the company’s IP. It seems the gaming world is not yet ready to give up creating in the sandbox title, and with the 1.20 patch on the way, it feels as though it’s going to be a long time before fans move on from the game, especially if modders continue to release their own content for it.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN, Curse Forge

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