Minecraft Modder Adds Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun to the Game

A Minecraft modder implements the iconic gravity gun from Half-Life 2, showing how it can pick up animals and make them fly across the world.

Someone has managed to take the iconic gravity gun from Half-Life 2 and put a blocky version of it into Minecraft, with a video showing it working as intended. As the most successful indie game of all time, Mojang’s open-world IP has become a force to be reckoned with, dominating the gaming market not long after it was released well over a decade ago. Its universal appeal and endless creative potential is what makes it such a phenomenon, but even the vanilla experience is not enough for some.


There are a lot of ways for people to modify the game. From adding new texture packs, to coding custom items, to even turning Minecraft into a 2D platformer, there is seemingly no end to the ways people can tinker with Mojang’s original formula. It’s what makes the game so successful. Of course, there are also instances in which some modders will even bring in assets from other games as well, as this one user has done.

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Spotted by PCGamesN, Minecraft modder and Youtuber CRAIY has managed to implement the powerful gravity gun from Half-Life 2, with a recent video showing it in action. After implementing the gun from Portal, the user was asked if they could also do the iconic weapon from Valve’s 2004 release. CRAIY has added three variations of the gravity gun to the blocky game, two of which can be crafted, while the other is there “purely for creative fun.” The footage shows the gun working as it does in HL2, with the player picking up objects and firing them off into the distance or using it on mobs as well. They even mixed it up with their Portal mod, showing them carrying an item with the gravity gun through an orange portal.

It’s a very impressive modification, and the creator has made it available to download as a datapack for anyone who wants to try it. Of course, Half-Life 2‘s gravity gun is one of the most recognizable weapons in the FPS genre, so it’s not surprising that someone wanted to make it work in something like Minecraft.

It’s this ability to modify the Mojang title, along with the near-infinite replayability and the fact that Minecraft doesn’t require a high-end PC, that keeps it so popular, even after all this time. With fans and modders continuing to show just what’s capable in the game, there’s a good chance Minecraft will be an important part of the community for a good while longer.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamesN, CRAIY.net

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