Minecraft Mob Vote Tuff Golem: Mob Introduction

The final character for the Minecraft Mob Vote, Tuff Golem, is now revealed to the fans. Read more about them below.

Minecraft Live is on October 15th. It will reveal all news about what Mojang has planned for 2023, including teasers and information about Minecraft Legends, Dungeons season three, and more.

Among the announced things, we are also getting a live mob vote. The mob vote will feature three new mobs with unique abilities.

Two Mobs are revealed already; let us look at the third one. Now let us cover the third mob, the Tuff Golem.

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Minecraft Mob Vote Tuff Golem: Details

The Tuff Golem is more of a passive mob that does not have much use in gameplay besides looking cute. It is a statue and picks up anything off the ground to hold.

It moves around with the item it is holding and can also turn back into a statue at random. They will only;y pick up random things off the ground if they’re not already holding anything.

The Tuff Golem is a buildable mob just like other golems, and if you put a wooden block during its construction, you can get a matching cloak with their construction.

You can use these mobs to display collector’s items and more. As you can see in the introduction video, they start to move around in random patterns and then turn into statues again.

The First Two Mobs

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The first Mob was Sniffer, who helped the players by bringing ancient debris; they are also horticulture experts. Plus, they are not hostile mobs.

The second mob we covered was the Rascal. These mischievous mobs are experts in hide and seek; if you find the same Rascal three times, they will reward you with an item.

We already saw the third one, Tuff Golem, in this article. The fans received all three mobs with open arms, but let us see what they wanted as the winner.

The Minecraft Mob Vote begins on October 14th and ends when Live begins.

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