Minecraft Mob Vote Rascal : Mob Introduction

Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 candidate Rascal is introduced to the fans via a blog post by Mojang. Check out more details below.

Minecraft Live will happen on October 15th. It will reveal the most important news regarding the Minecraft world and what Mojang has in store for fans the following year.

Fans are expecting more news regarding Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons Season three. However, this year’s Minecraft Mob Vote looks good so far, with the introduction of the last two mobs.

We have already written about Sniffer. You can find all the information you need regarding Sniffer in the article below.

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This article will cover Rascal, the newest mob introduced by Mojang for Mob Vote 2022.

Minecraft Mob Vote Rascal: Everything You Need to Know

Here is the introduction video uploaded by the Official Minecraft YouTube channel giving fans an idea about the mob.

At first glance, Rascal looks like a man-creature hybrid with a mining backpack and faster speed. According to Minecraft’s description, it is a mob that lives in Caves and loves playing hide and seek.

Moreover, this character trait introduces a remarkable new mechanic to the game. The video mentions that these mobs are not hostile; they are just naughty.

That is a good thing since players already have enough mobs which attack them on sight. Additionally, they will reward you if you spot the same Rascal three times.

In the video, they gave the hosts an enchanted pickaxe. The video ends with the narrator reminding the viewers to cast votes on October 14th at Noon EDT.

The fans are not particularly excited by this mob since they don’t have complete information about the rewards it offers upon spotting.

The fans are still down to vote for Sniffer since it has a better design and provides better rewards like unique plants and ancient debris.

The mob vote ends in 24 hours, as Minecraft Live begins as soon as mob votes finish. Minecraft Live starts at noon on October 15th.

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The above article touches on things we should see at Minecraft Live, including A Minecraft Legends Update.

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