Minecraft Mob Heads Deserve to Be More Accessible in Survival

One of the largest factors that has influenced the great success of Minecraft is the unprecedented level of replayability that the title possesses. With such a huge breadth of ever-expanding content for players to explore, there is always something for players to engage themselves with.

Mob heads fit into this category of the more implicit content that Minecraft has to offer for seasoned players, being some of the most unique items in the game. With that being said, many consider the prerequisites that are required for obtaining mob heads to be overly difficult and even unrealistic, with a change needing to be made in survival mode to allow for a more feasible way of attaining them.


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Minecraft Mob Heads and How to Find Them


In the popular Survival mode of Minecraft, there are five mob heads in total that can be acquired by the player. Mob heads are an item representing the head of a select few in-game mobs, which can be worn by the player or used for decoration. Given the difficulty regarding how these items are attained, certain mob heads are some of the most sought-after trophies in the game.

To receive mob heads for creepers, skeletons, and zombies, the player will have to witness any of these mobs be killed by the explosion of a supercharged creeper, which only spawns when a creeper is struck by lightning. Mob heads for Wither Skeletons are the easiest to obtain in Survival, simply having a small chance of spawning whenever a Wither Skeleton is killed. Given how Wither Skeleton heads are integral for spawning the Wither in Minecraft, it is no wonder that these mob heads are easier to obtain.

The final mob head that can be acquired in Survival mode is the Ender Dragon’s, one of the most recognizable bosses in Minecraft. While obtaining the Ender Dragon’s mob head does not concern actually killing the mob, players will have to scour the End realm in which it resides to find it. More specifically, Ender Dragon heads can be found on End Ships, randomly generated structures within the End that are considered to be one of the rarest in Minecraft.

Increased Accessibility for Mob Heads in Minecraft


While mob heads are freely available in Minecraft’s Creative mode, even featuring other mob heads like a player model one, it is decidedly difficult to acquire these items in Survival. With the odds of finding a supercharged creeper being extremely slim within Survival mode, and exploring the End structures being something that requires a significant amount of knowledge and dedicated time, it remains that the current state of Minecraft’s mob heads is that they are simply too unattainable.

Of course, the unique nature of mob heads should mean that they are somewhat difficult to acquire, but many players are simply turned off by the prospect of looking for them due to how time-consuming and random they are. As opposed to changing the requirements for pre-existing mob heads and negating the hard work of those who have unlocked them, Mojang should simply add more mob heads to the selection of vanilla Minecraft, with there being a plethora of mobs to choose from.

Mobs like Endermen, Pillagers, and Piglins would be perfect candidates to have their own mob head challenge, which could then be made much more attainable and realistic than the current selection of heads that the game boasts. While an element of achievement is imperative in unlocking mob heads, their unique nature means that they are more than deserving of an increased level of accessibility within Minecraft’s Survival mode.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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