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One of the biggest live events in the Minecraft calendar has arrived in the form of Minecraft Live. With sneak peeks of upcoming content and a celebration of all things Minecraft, this isn’t one to be missed.

This page acts as a breakdown of when Minecraft Live 2022 took place, as well as the content revealed there!


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Announcements from Minecraft Live

Out of the Rascal, the Sniffer, and the Tuff Golem, who will win the Community Vote this year? Check out our page covering the Mob Vote for 2022 to learn which one is the winner!


A brand new action-strategy game from Mojang officially unveiled at Minecraft Live 2022, you begin your journey in this game at the Well of Fate. As an action-strategy game, this is different from anything else from Mojang thus far. Not only can you ride around and fight enemies, but you can strategize and command various mobs and allies to ensure you are victorious!

With a lengthy gameplay demonstration of Legends, this new game has made quite the splash during Minecraft Live, and a launch window has been provided: Spring 2023!

Minecraft Batman Map

Play as Batman in a special map designed around the famous DC world of Gotham, complete with puzzles and combat against some of Batman’s most famous villains! Coming soon!

Minecraft Dungeons Update


Seasonal Adventure 3 is coming to Minecraft Dungeons, called Fauna Faire, releasing on October 19th. This revolves around the idea of pets, bringing in a number of new cute animals. Allowing you to pet them, and bringing cool animations and outfits, there is so much to keep you occupied with your virtual furry friends!

Tree Top Tangle is the free mission being added to the game, allowing those who didn’t purchase the Jungle DLC to explore an exciting (and very tall) new biome! The ability to replace Enchantments using the Enchant Smith at your camp is a relief to some players, allowing you to change the abilities on certain elements of your gear!

Multiplayer is also coming to the game, allowing you to play local co-op or online with up to 4 players, so you can delve into dungeons with your friends!

Not officially named yet, but this 2023 update is focusing on creativity and self-expression, 7 new default skins have been confirmed, as well as blocks like Hanging Signs, a Bamboo Wood set, Rafts, Chiseled Bookshelves, and a new Mob, Camels!


Looking for more? Check out our Best Minecraft Mods 1.19 page for a few highlights to spice up your gameplay as you prepare for brand new official content!

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