Minecraft Legends is a true strategy game, that even non-strategy fans may fall in love with

Minecraft Legends gave me some familiar feelings. And not just because of its iconic blocky world or characters — that feeling is one of confusion.

 I recall feeling similarly about Minecraft Dungeons when that was announced. “What exactly is this game?” I thought. I noted the four players, the hordes of mobs, and made an assumption that it was something in the vein of Left 4 Dead or Vermintide, where teams run a gauntlet through swarms of enemies. It wasn’t until the actual gameplay reveal that I realized it was more in line with Diablo and other action RPGs, putting an end to the haze. The difference between this and Minecraft Legends is, that even with gameplay footage of Legends, I still wasn’t exactly sure what kind of game it is. As I found out at Gamescom, the reason for that is there’s simply very little out there like it.

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