Minecraft Legends’ Hats Might Be a Cute Feature for the Original Game

After its first gameplay reveal just a week ago, Minecraft Legends looks as though it’s shaping up to be quite the impressive spinoff. Taking the Minecraft franchise into uncharted action-strategy territory, Minecraft Legends looks like a breath of fresh air for not only the Minecraft franchise, but the gaming industry as a whole, with not too many quality action-strategy games releasing nowadays. Minecraft Legends looks like it’s filled to the brim with exciting features and mechanics, one of which, its adorable mob hats, should come to the mainline game in a future update.


Slated for a Spring 2023 release, Minecraft Legends puts players in the shoes of an adventurer tasked with protecting the Overworld, repelling the mischievous Piglin forces, and destroying their Nether Portal gates across the land. To do so, players make use of a set of building tools that grant access to defensive and offensive structures, and their own set of weapons. However, what will really turn the tide of battle is the player’s mob army, some of whom wear cute little hats.

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Minecraft Legends’ Mob Hats Should Come to Minecraft

The player’s biggest and best weapon in Minecraft Legends is the mob army at their disposal. By gathering enough resources, the player can task their Allays to create a number of different mob spawn points. If the footage released so far is anything to go by, then players should be able to choose from a wide range of different mob types, ranging from zombies to creepers to golems and everything in between. Each of these mobs has its own specific purpose in battle, whether it’s exploding next to unsuspecting Piglins, or rushing a structure at blistering speeds.

A good portion of Minecraft Legends‘ mobs are also equipped with a little hat. This hat actually has a pretty neat lore justification for the gameplay, as it’s meant to protect undead mobs from the sun, which is deadly to most of them, and much of Minecraft Legends seems to be set during the day. These hats will probably have no impact on Minecraft Legends‘ actual gameplay, but they are a nice little detail, and they show that Mojang still cares about its own series’ lore.

Though Minecraft Legends‘ mob hats are just a small feature, they could make their way over to Minecraft proper, where they might actually have quite a lot of potential. Mojang could introduce hats in Minecraft as a way to capture and tame mobs. Right now, it’s only possible to tame Minecraft‘s wildlife, but the ability to tame hostile mobs like zombies could add a lot of gameplay opportunities.

If players could craft a specific hat for a specific mob, and use it on them, then it could act as a way to befriend the creature. After giving it some food or other consumable item, that mob should then follow the player on their adventures. From here, it would be great if players could command those mobs as allies, with each different mob type having a new purpose in the game. For instance, befriending a Creeper would allow players to control a mobile explosive, or befriending an Enderman could let players teleport at will. Zombies could be used to set up a defensive perimeter around the player’s settlement. Though the hat feature may be fairly insignificant in Minecraft Legends itself, it could spawn a totally new and exciting piece of gameplay for the original Minecraft.

Minecraft Legends releases in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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