Minecraft Legends Could Contribute a New Boss to the Nether

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming release that is exciting many fans of the longstanding and massively successful franchise, and it is clear to see why. Being a rare addition to the growing collection of popular spin-off titles that come under the series’ name, the upcoming game is set to bring the block-filled world to the genre of real time strategy.

Set to extensively explore both the overworld and the Nether realm, Minecraft Legends has a unique opportunity to introduce an array of new characters and mob-types. When considering this, the game would do very well to introduce a brand-new Nether boss to the franchise, especially one that could then translate over to Minecraft itself.


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The Explorable Locations of Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends was originally announced on June 12 at the anticipated Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, and is aiming for a release window of early 2023. Seeing the player take control of a hero who is tasked with uniting the passive and hostile mobs of the overworld against the invading and sinister piglin forces from the Nether, the game does well in bringing the franchise to new horizons while keeping the core narrative and gameplay familiar and recognizable.

Due to this nature of the game’s narrative, it can be assumed that players will be exploring both the overworld and Nether realm to a similar degree, with the key art for Legends often depicting both dimensions in an equal manner. With the core gameplay involving the player having to strategically utilize a variety of mob-types in combat against an array of enemies, it can be assumed that Minecraft Legends will introduce many never-before-seen allies and hostiles to help boost avenues of gameplay and to give the game its own unique feel.

A New Nether Boss in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Wither (1)

While Minecraft’s core gameplay is so attractive due to the practically endless nature of it, the game does have several benchmark objectives that a player can optionally complete in the way of battling difficult but rewarding bosses. The Ender Dragon boss is probably the most well known, while more recent bosses include The Wither who, while associated with the Nether, is usually fought in the overworld upon being summoned.

Bosses in Minecraft have not been updated or built upon for some time, with many popular mods introducing new bosses to Minecraft over the years to help bolster the unique challenges that the game can offer. With this in mind, Minecraft Legends has the perfect opportunity to introduce a Nether-specific boss type upon its launch, adding a precarious but attractive added element of gameplay within the sinister realm.

Given how the events of Minecraft Legends will likely culminate within the Nether, it makes sense that very powerful enemies will be present to challenge the player during the title’s endgame. Logically then, a final boss within the Nether would not be out of place at all, and would be a factor of Legends that could be introduced to Minecraft itself to bridge the gaps between the two titles and to keep the franchise’s lore consistent.

This Nether boss would do well to be related to piglins, with the pre-existing and impressive piglin structures of the Nether being the perfect staging grounds to fight this theoretical new boss. Adding such a long-awaited new boss to Minecraft would only serve to increase the attention and discourse surrounding Minecraft Legends, while also serving to bolster the gameplay offered within the Nether and to maintain consistency between Minecraft and its latest spin-off title.

Minecraft Legends releases in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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