Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w42a introduces Minecraft 1.20 features

What you need to know

  • Minecraft 1.20 is the next major content update for the ongoing survival game, revealed during Minecraft Live 2022.
  • As part of its renewed committment to transparency, Mojang Studios only announced four features.
  • It was announced that all four of the features were far along in development and almost ready for testing.
  • Less than a week later, all the initial Minecraft 1.20 features are available in Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w42a.

Players have been waiting with bated breath for news of the next named content update for Minecraft, the never-ending creative-survival title from Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios. Less than a week ago, the silence was finally broken and the first handful of features from the upcoming update was revealed. On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released the first Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot testing these nascent features.

Minecraft players will be able to get their hands on four brand-new features from the 1.20 update as part of an experimental toggle within the new snapshot. This quick turnaround is part of Mojang Studios’ efforts to improve its communication and transparency with the community, and to only show off or announce features that are far along in development. This shift allows the Minecraft team to rapidly release new content for testing shortly after its reveal.

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