Minecraft Java & Bedrock Editions out now for PC as package deal

The release of Minecraft 1.19 has brought a whole lot of surprises to the game. From the terrifying depths of the Deep Dark biome and the Ancient City to the adorable new mobs like frogs, tadpoles, and allay, the update is the best thing to have happened to the game in the last eight months since the game-changing Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update came out.

With the 1.19 update coming out on every single platform that supports the game, Mojang also announced something that brings both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition together like never before. After the official release of the update, Mojang studios officially declared that the release of the Java and Bedrock Editions as a unified deal for PC players was available.

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Minecraft players react as Java and Bedrock Editions come together


The announcement was made on Twitter as well as on the official blog on the game’s website. The tweet from Mojang had a short video included that compared the two editions side-by-side and highlighted some of the main features of the deal.

The 59-second clip starts off with Steve and Alex at opposite ends of a nether portal, both waving to each other and acknowledging each other by jumping and T-bagging air.


The difference, however, is that Steve is in Bedrock Edition while Alex is in Java Edition. The clip then goes on to display the two playing together in each of their versions. It shows them building farms, constructing houses, riding striders, exploring caves, and fighting hostile mobs.

The announcement and subsequent release of the unified deal can be summarized into a message that Mojang is clearly trying to put across that says players can now get the best of both worlds with both editions in one place. This is because players can access both versions from the same launcher.


Java Edition is already available on the game’s launcher. Bedrock Edition, which is titled “Minecraft for Windows 10” on the launcher, will now also be appearing with the former and Minecraft Dungeons.

However, players must note that the two versions of the game will still be their own standalone versions, as cross-playability between Bedrock and Java is virtually impossible as of now. Players can read the official blog post by Cristina Anderca on the game’s website for more information.

“Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC will bring the two games together in one purchase – I guess the rest of Mojang Studios also shares my opinion on this dream duo. As its name suggests, this package gives you both editions in one purchase, and it will become the standard and only offering of vanilla Minecraft on Windows PC.”

The deal only means that players who decide to buy either Java Edition or Bedrock Edition will get the other version for free. Players who already own one of the versions can navigate to the game’s launcher and add the other one. This means that Bedrock players on PS4/PS5, Android, iOS, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch will have to switch to a PC to download and play the Java Edition, but they do get it for free.

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