Minecraft Is Bundling Java And Bedrock Editions On PC Starting June 7

Mojang has announced that Minecraft’s separate PC versions will finally be coming together in a bundle releasing on June 7.

The new bundle, aptly titled Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition for PC, will be the standard version of Minecraft on PC going forward. Mojang stressed in its blog post that this bundle would not merge the two versions; it would simply provide both for one price. “To be clear, Java and Bedrock will remain separate games with their own distinctive features,” Mojang’s announcement read.

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Additionally, all PC players who own either version will be upgraded to the new bundle free of charge within a few days of the change going live.

Until now, PC players have had to weigh out which version of Minecraft to get and the debate largely comes down to personal preferences. The Java edition, which was the original Minecraft release, is seen by some as the superior offering on PC for its larger servers and offering of modes, but due to it being coded on Java, this version is also largely incompatible with the dozens of platforms Minecraft has been ported to since then.

For this reason, Mojang developed the Bedrock Edition, which is by and large the standard version that most Minecraft players probably play these days. This version of the game is what players on console or mobile are playing, and touts cross-play between all Bedrock Edition-compatible devices. Minecraft Java Edition players can only cross-play with people on the same version, which is relegated to PC, Mac, and Linux.

Beginning June 7, PC players who want to switch between playing with others on Java or Bedrock just need to launch the respective version from the launcher, which should ease some headaches and altogether smoothen the process of getting into Minecraft on its original system.

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