Minecraft how to fix ‘cannot connect to server’ error on Minecraft server

Although Minecraft servers are fun to play on, things can sometimes go wrong due to their online multiplayer nature. More specifically, there can be connection issues that prevent players from being able to connect to the server.

Those having trouble joining an MC server may see an error message such as “can’t connect to server.” While many different issues can cause this error, most cases can be resolved relatively easily.

For those suffering from connection issues when trying to join a Minecraft server, this guide will explain the best ways to fix them.

Potential fixes for ‘cannot connect to server’ error for Minecraft server

Firstly, it’s essential to determine whether the connection problems are stemming from the Minecraft server or the client side. The best way to identify this is via a testing server, as detailed in the guide below.

Check if the issues are coming from the server

Join the following server IP: test.prisonfun.com

This specialized Minecraft testing server supports all versions of the game and is online 24/7 for testing. Those who can successfully join this server will likely have no issues on their end. The only time they would see the “cannot connect to server” error is a fault with the server network, not their personal setup.

On the other hand, those unable to join this testing server may have an issue with their game configuration. Players unable to join this server can refer to the potential fixes below to fix their problems with the “cannot connect to server” error.

Potential fix 1

Ensure you are using a legitimate Minecraft account, not a cracked one. This might sound simple, but many players fail to realize that launcher accounts such as TLauncher, for example, are not legitimate, authentic Mojang accounts and cannot play on non-cracked servers.

Non cracked servers can't be joined without a premium account (Image via Microsoft)
Non cracked servers can’t be joined without a premium account (Image via Microsoft)

Potential fix 2

If you are currently using a VPN, disable it and try and reconnect to the test server with IP: test.prisonfun.com

If you are not using a VPN, try and use one and retry connecting to the test server with IP: test.prisonfun.com. Any VPN, even a free one, will suffice for this test.

Potential fix 3

Players who are still unable to connect to the testing server with IP: test.prisonfun.com can try and temporarily disable Firewall and Parental/Workplace restriction software and retry the connection.

The reasoning behind this is the fact that sometimes the outgoing connection can occasionally be blocked by firewalls or strict parental/workplace limitation software.


Potential fix 4

Reboot PC and switch router on and off. While this is a simple fix, it shouldn’t be underestimated. It can certainly solve some issues and is definitely worth trying should players have not tried this option yet.

Simply reboot your PC, unplug your router/modem for 20 seconds, and then replug it. After this, retry the connection to the testing server IP: test.prisonfun.com


Potential fix 5

Uninstall all mods and retry connecting to the server IP: test.prisonfun.com with a fresh copy of the game with no mods installed. Sometimes mods can interfere with things they shouldn’t and cause unintended issues and undesirable consequences.

Players who do not want to uninstall their mods can alternatively create a separate Minecraft profile or use a third-party game client, such as Feather Client, which should also do the trick.

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