Minecraft Has A Playable April Fools Joke, Turns The World Into Your Inventory

It’s April 1, and that means you can’t trust a single brand today. Mojang seems to be the rare exception because its April Fools prank isn’t a load of bunk; it’s actually real. The developer has added a brand-new Snapshot to Minecraft that lets players tackle the game’s 64-bit world one block at a time.

Detailed in a post on the game’s website, Minecraft’s April Fools snapshot changes the game entirely. Players won’t have to worry about their inventory, XP, or crafting recipes anymore. Instead, the entire world is an inventory, free to be picked up and thrown around at will. Breaking a block results in players holding it over their head, and using it while looking at nothing causes it to be thrown.

That rule also applies to mobs, meaning they can’t be hurt but they can be tossed into a pool of lava or off a cliff. And while the Snapshot’s patch notes say the “excitement factor” of chests has been improved, they can’t be opened. Exciting.

This is all meant to make the game better, since, with fewer features, players will have less to comment on. Have a problem with Minecraft’s inventory system? Not anymore, it’s gone! Out of all of today’s April Fools jokes, Mojang might have one of the best here.

Outside of cheeky jokes, Mojang has been hard at work updating Minecraft. The game’s upcoming Wild update, version 1.19, will add new mobs, blocks, and biomes to its massive world. One thing Minecraft won’t be getting is ray tracing on Xbox after it was revealed that the feature was added to a preview by mistake.

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