Minecraft Gamer Makes Creates Real-Life Replica of One of the Game’s Paintings

A colorblind Minecraft player creates a real-life replica of one of the paintings that can be found in-game, and fans are impressed.

A Minecraft player has made a real-life version of a painting that can be found in the game. The sandbox title grants gamers a ton of freedom in terms of what they can do, allowing their creativity to be unleashed. Players are able to make amazing creations in Minecraft, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the game.

Gamers also like making real-life pieces based on Minecraft. This includes PC builds, LEGO figures, jack-o-lanterns and much more. Players have also produced a lot of artwork inspired by the title, producing amazing works that all gamers can enjoy. One Minecraft fan painted a piece based off of a painting found in-game, doing a good job of capturing its likeness.


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A Redditor named Great_Ad4516 posted an image of a painting that they created inspired by Minecraft. The work is based on the in-game piece called “Pigscene,” which features a young girl pointing at a pig. The artist was able to capture the pixel style that the painting has in the game, keeping true to the main inspiration. Great_Ad4516’s work looks great and does a good job of capturing the Minecraft art style.

Many Redditors are in love with Great_Ad4516’s piece and have helped the post get to over 13,000 upvotes. Fans have called the painting amazing, leading some to say that it is much better than anything they could have ever done. Many can agree that it matches the in-game Minecraft art incredibly well, which is impressive as the artist admitted to only using a pen, ruler, and some paint. Great_Ad4516 did an amazing job of taking something from inside a video game and bringing it to life in the real world.

The most impressive aspect of the Minecraft painting is the fact that Great_Ad4516 is colorblind. While they did get help from their boyfriend when it came to filling in the painting’s colors, the artist drew it themselves. Many Redditors commented that if the user did not reveal that they are colorblind, they would have never known. Many fans of the piece revealed that they too are colorblind, which led to them being impressed as they know how difficult such a piece would be. Great_Ad4516 does a great job showing that having such a condition does not have to hold one back and that those who are afflicted in the same way can still accomplish great things. It can provide a good sense of hope and be a reminder that anyone can do awesome things regardless of their position in life.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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