Minecraft Fan Makes Real-Life Lamp Based on Game’s Diamond Ore

A fan of Mojang’s hit sandbox game Minecraft has shared a picture of a fantastic recreation of one of the game’s diamond ore blocks that their brother made for a school project. This isn’t the first time gamers have seen Minecraft used for school, either, as the game’s Education Edition is already used in many classrooms to teach kids concepts like coding.

It’s been over a decade since Minecraft was first released for PC in 2011, and the now Microsoft-owned title shows no sign of slowing down. The addictive sandbox building game has now received official and unofficial ports to nearly every gaming platform imaginable and, in the process, has managed to become the best-selling game of all time. As Mojang continues to deliver new content and updates for the hit title, with the recent Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19.40 bringing the legacy version closer to parity with its Java counterpart, fans seem set continue devoting countless hours to making incredible creations in the block-based builder.


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In a recent post on r/Minecraft, Reddit user jhonromanoft shared a picture of a faithful recreation of Minecraft’s diamond ore blocks that his brother made as part of a school project. The homemade creation looks nearly identical to its in-game counterpart, featuring a dark grey-black exterior with brilliant bright blue light shining out from cutouts spread across the cube. In response to a question on how his brother made the impressive homage, jhonromanoft explained that the ore-shaped lamp was made from wood using a template, with a smart bulb on the inside allowing it to change color to recreate any of Minecraft’s ore pieces.

Minecraft fans responding to jhonromanoft’s post were unanimously impressed with his brother’s creative handiwork. One user expressed a desire for a glowing, ore-themed lamp of their very own, while another noted that it looked remarkably similar to the item when using the Complementary Shaders pack for Minecraft. This lovely lamp is just the latest example of Minecraft fans finding their own unique ways to create real-world homages to some of the game’s items and creatures. One inspired fan recently went a bit meta when they created a LEGO Minecraft tribute, building one of the game’s crafting tables from the toys that helped inspire the title.

Fans of Minecraft seem to have no shortage of creativity, whether they’re building magnificent structures in-game or making Minecraft-inspired creations in the real world. From using arts and crafts to bring a bit of the game to their everyday life, to holding a fundraiser in Minecraft to bring awareness to climate change, players continue to take inspiration from the game in surprising ways. As the game continues to change and evolve as it settles into its second decade, who knows what Minecraft fans will create next.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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