Minecraft Fan Makes LEGO Version of Bee From the Game

A Minecraft fan creates an incredible LEGO version of the bee introduced to the game in 2019’s Buzzy Bees update that’s scaled to be larger.

Mojang’s Minecraft has received a plethora of updates over the years as the IP changed hands, and the game continues to expand onto even more platforms. A post-launch update introduced bees to Minecraft and a fan of the game has created a LEGO version of the flying creature.

Reddit user Nobodyaskeddotc0m recently posted their LEGO duplicate of Minecraft‘s bee and since then, it has garnered the attention of over 4,000 members of the community. Minecraft Bedrock update 1.14 and Java patch 1.15 was released back in 2019 and the content drop dubbed “Buzzy Bees” revolved around the bug. Buzzy Bees not only included the honey-collecting insect but the nests and hives that they’re synonymous with, which can be harvested for the honey material, honeycombs, honey bottle, and two different honey blocks to build with using the crafting resource.


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Many fans have taken to the new Minecraft mob to create bee-inspired things, like one who based their custom PC build on the bee, and Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s LEGO bee is just the latest example. The eyes of Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s bee include two gray and one white block each to show the reflection that a Minecraft a player can see if they’re able to get close. Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s LEGO bee has six legs that keep it standing, though the Minecraft fan has opted not to include wings, unlike the in-game counterpart.

The antennas of Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s bee protrude from the proper spot of the head based on the in-game model, but it may differ from other Minecraft LEGO sets in one key way that has been teased by the Reddit user. According to Nobodyaskeddotc0m, the thick plastic model is hollow on the inside and some portions are reinforced with extra pieces to ensure stability. The Minecraft fan also stated that they used 2×2 stud tiles to accurately reflect the blocky nature of the Mojang title and the wings weren’t important because the bee will remain in a rested position.

Because Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s Minecraft bee was created using LEGO, several responses to their post implore them to share instructions so that it can be replicated. Seeing humor in the wingless bee, Nobodyaskeddotc0m positively responded to a Minecraft player suggesting they make it a jetpack instead of wings to accommodate the bee’s need for flight. A couple of eagle-eyed Reddit users utilized the opportunity to note some background clutter in Nobodyaskeddotc0m’s picture that includes various Fortnite Funko Pops and a Charizard from Pokemon that sits next to their computer monitor.

Minecraft is available now for Mac, Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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