Minecraft Fan Makes Impressive Pixel Art Showing the Game’s World Layers

An artistic Minecraft fan creates a towering piece of pixel art, faithfully depicting the multiple layers of the game’s world.

A fan of the famous sandbox game Minecraft has made a striking piece of fan art showing the game world’s different layers. Minecraft is well known for its varying environments and locations, many of which are located underground waiting to be found by adventurous players.

In the over 10 years since its release, Minecraft has solidified itself as one of the most celebrated and recognizable video games of all time, reaching the same heights of fame as older franchises like Mario or Pokemon. Similar to titles in those series, Minecraft has earned the distinction of being one of the highest-selling video games of all time, even in the used market in which previous-gen consoles like the PS4 retain some sales strength. Minecraft has also experienced success in the mobile games market, continuing to top mobile sales charts to this day.


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As one might expect of a game of this level of prominence, Minecraft has spawned an entire community of fan artists from around the world. A fan who goes by ArcanePigeon on the game’s subreddit made pixel art of the different layers of the Minecraft world, from the sunlit surface to the lava-filled Nether. Each layer in the art piece comes complete with area-appropriate mobs such as Creepers and Ghasts as well as environmental elements like chests, mushrooms, and different ores that can be found at different depths. These creatures and materials have become iconic within the game’s fan base and have been the subject of other Minecraft fan creations as well.

Fan creations based on Minecraft have become seemingly perpetual in their ubiquity. These can take the form of things made by players in-game or real-world objects based on the game. Pixel art is a fitting form of fan art, given the game’s trademark blocky art style which, although primitive by modern standards, has led to creative Minecraft fans utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Minecraft as a property is seemingly tailor-made to become a hit product with its growing wealth of content and updates to support its large online fan base. It is also one of the most widely available games in the current marketplace, having been ported to more platforms than Skyrim, a game famous for being on many platforms. Both of these games are regarded as modern classics and their ease of access is a large contributor to that success. These games’ respective communities will likely continue to ensure their success for years to come.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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