Minecraft Fan Makes Impressive LEGO Glow Squid Animation

One fan has made an impressive animation out of LEGOs featuring a Glow Squid mob found in Minecraft. While many games have come and gone over the last decade, Minecraft has persisted as one of the most successful titles on the market, adding new items and mobs, such as the Glow Squid, periodically. Due to this popularity, many fans continue to make fan art based on the creatures found in its procedurally generated worlds. This LEGO Glow Squid animation is a prime example.


The Glow Squid is a passive mob found in aquatic regions of Minecraft. Interestingly, it was added after winning a community vote in 2020 that determined what new mob would be added to the game. As the name suggests, the Glow Squid features a design similar to real-life squid, except in a more blocky form. However, this mob gives off bioluminescence, which makes it quite beautiful to look at underwater and sets it apart from the regular squid, another mob present in Minecraft.

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While these creatures can be found in dark aquatic places such as ocean depths, ravines, and underground lakes, one fan decided to make a stop-motion animation featuring one in the real world. Known as Magpie_Lullaby on Reddit, they shared a video that starred a LEGO version of the aquatic mob. In the clip, the Glow Squid from Minecraft was seen on top of a transparent rod that was moved up and down against a yellowish background. Adding to the animation’s realism, the squid’s tentacles moved inwards and then outwards repeatedly as its entire body slowly rotated.

Over in the comment section, Magpie_Lullaby gave a little more information on how they animated the LEGO model. While some wondered if a certain type of software was used to make the clip look sharper and reduce flicker, the Reddit user revealed that none was used to enhance the animation. According to Magpie_Lullaby, the only thing they did was “duck under the table” they were animating on in order to reduce the number of shadows seen in the clip. Regardless of the techniques used, the Minecraft community has seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the animation as it has accumulated more than 3.4K upvotes in less than a day.

In other news relating to in-game mobs, Mojang recently held its annual live event for the game, revealing that Camels were coming to Minecraft in the future. In addition, the latest Minecraft mob vote determined that the Sniffer would join the list of creatures found in the procedurally generated worlds at a later date. It will be interesting to see Magpie-Lullaby chooses to make LEGO animations based on these new mobs as well.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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