Minecraft Fan Makes Impressive Enchanting Table Pixel Art Animation

A Minecraft fan made a pixel art animation featuring an enchanting table working its magic on a sword. There are a number of items that can be created in the sandbox title using the materials found around the game’s world. Minecraft lets players craft weapons, armor, tools, and much more.

One thing that can be made in Minecraft is the enchanting table. The item allows gamers to enchant their items, which can improve their abilities and grant them additional ones. One gamer decided to make an animation of the enchanting table, but with a special art style.


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A Reddit user named CoinCrown shared an animated piece that they created that shows an enchanting table in the process of imbuing an item with power. On the table is a book that is magically turning its pages, with one of the swords from Minecraft hovering above it encased in flames. According to the Redditor, they used the software Aseprite in order to make the animation. The work looks nice and utilizes various blues and purples to help give it a mystical feeling.

Reddit users are loving CoinCrown’s animated take on the enchanting table and have given the post over 11,000 upvotes. Fans are calling the piece very cool, with some saying that the animation should be in Minecraft whenever an item is enchanted. A lot of gamers are asking if they could download the piece as part of a texture pack and, if possible, where. There was also one player who mentioned that their son clapped when they saw the animation while they were both scrolling through Reddit. The piece looks great and would look nice if it was somehow inserted into Minecraft.

CoinCrown’s animation is an example of some of the amazing Minecraft art that players make to celebrate the game. Many have made great works in-game, as well as awesome pieces in real life. This includes paintings, LEGO figures, and even a PC based off of the bees found in the title. While the sky is the limit in Minecraft, players have proven that it can be the same outside the game.

Even though the title is over a decade old, players are still enjoying it and constantly making new things inspired by the game. There have even been projects in-game that have taken fans years to complete, showing the patience and dedication that some Minecraft gamers have. As more content comes to the title, fans will surely reveal even more creativity and show off the production of even more impressive pieces.

Minecraft is currently available for Mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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