Minecraft Fan Is Walking From Africa to Europe In-Game

The Minecraft Earth project has been in development by fans for more than two years, and one player is using what’s there to make one enormous trek.

Alongside such enormous titles as No Man’s Sky, the world of Minecraft is one of the biggest across all of gaming. It’s perhaps due to its size that it’s become a game that players can simply lose track of time in for hours and hours. To give some idea of how big it actually is, some fans have spent the last two years recreating the whole of Earth on a 1:1 scale. While the project is still underway, one player is making an in-game journey that would make Frodo and Sam hang their heads in shame.


Reddit user Hable061 has posted what seems to be just a standard Minecraft screenshot, but this image represents the beginning of a gigantic trek they’re currently undertaking. The title of the thread states that they are in the midst of walking from the most southerly part of Africa, right up to the northern tip of Europe using the 1:1 Earth project. That is a total of 11,748 km, or 7,300 miles. At the time of Hable061 posting, they were somewhere just outside of Cape Town in South Arica.

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What’s even more impressive about this enormous journey is the fact that they are doing all this in survival mode, with absolutely no cheats. Many in the comments are goading on the user. The distance they’ve covered so far is roughly 12 million blocks, as they say they aren’t traveling in a straight line. As mentioned above, the Minecraft 1:1 Earth project began in 2020. The whole build is being done by entire teams of volunteers, many of which have branched off to focus on particular countries or cities. Some teams consist of thousands of players, and there are likely more joining all the time.

While Mojang recently updated Minecraft to version 1.19, the Earth project is said to be using 1.12.2, though anyone who wishes to download and try out what’s been built so far can use a later version. It’s not entirely clear when Hable061 will be able to get to the end of their journey, but given the sheer distance they need to walk, it’s likely they’ll be undergoing this trek for quite some time.

With so many fans engaging in any number of builds, ideas, or lengthy journeys, it’s hardly surprising that Minecraft is still one of the most played games of this era, despite originally coming out in 2009. Those who are interested may wish to keep an eye on the Reddit user’s journey to see exactly how they get on and when they are likely to complete this ambitious feat.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: The Gamer

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