Minecraft Fan Draws Realistic Version of Mooshrooms From the Game

Over the years, the procedurally generated worlds of Minecraft have evolved a considerable amount. Periodically, the developers at Mojang add new content, often making the vast landscapes of the game even more interesting. One reason why the worlds of the game are exciting to explore is the diverse list of mobs that call the game home. Among the mobs in Minecraft, one of the rarest is the Mooshroom.

Mooshrooms are one of the many Passive mobs found throughout Minecraft. While there are many strange creatures found in the game, Mooshrooms are one of the oddest. As their name suggests, these rare mobs look like cows with large fungal growths protruding from their bodies. The reason for the rarity of this mob is that these unusual-looking bovines are found in the mushroom fields biome, one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. Recently, one artistic fan decided to make a piece of unusual fan based on the Mooshroom.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as mavistuff shared a drawing they recently completed based on Minecraft. According to the Reddit user, they had set out to create a picture that imagined what Mooshrooms might look like with a more “realistic-ish” design. In the drawing, a mother Mooshroom stood next to what was presumably her calf.

Despite having a markedly more realistic appearance, the Mooshrooms created by mavistuff still had the iconic design elements that made their in-game counterparts recognizable. For instance, the mother Mooshroom had a large number of mushrooms growing on top of her head and back, and the calf only had a few, likely symbolizing its younger age. In addition, the artist included the two color varieties of the passive mob in the picture; the mother Mooshroom featured a red and white design while her calf had a brownish coat with white spots.

Since posting this impressive realistic version of Mooshrooms on Reddit, numerous members of the Minecraft community have taken the time to compliment the artist on the drawing. In only a day, the artwork has amassed more than 1,800 upvotes. Among the comments, many thought that the fan art was adorable. In addition, one user complimented the artist on how they had managed to combine the look of a real-world cow with that of the mob from Minecraft.

While this fan art of a Mooshroom is impressive to a number of gamers, it is not the only creation made by the community recently. For example, another talented fan made a time-lapse video that caused Minecraft to resemble a SimCity build. As players continue to play the game in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see what fans, such as mavistuff, come up with next.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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