Minecraft Fan Develops Neat Spellcasting System

A Minecraft fan creates an immersive system for casting spells in the game, allowing players to combine them for unique effects.

A talented Minecraft fan has created a spellcasting mod that expands on the game’s existing but limited relationship with magic. The base game focuses solely on alchemy and enchantment, leaving the art of spellcraft to the realm of player-made add-ons. Fueled by a Lapis Lazuli, the enchanting table in Minecraft is one of the most important sources of progression for the player, offering an opportunity to turn their experience points into permanent enchantments. The enchanted item can then be further refined and upgraded by using an Anvil, allowing Minecraft players to make some truly potent weapons and armor.


Yet as fun as enchanting in Minecraft can be, it’s ultimately only a small part of the wizard fantasy. Having a personal library littered with books and an arcane station to inscribe magical enchantments onto gear is all well and good, but most players in want of the mage lifestyle seek a more active expression of the fantasy. This is where Minecraft‘s magic mods come in and where a recently made unofficial spellcasting system truly shines.

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Created by a user named Coatie, the mod was shared on the official Minecraft community on Reddit, where it garnered significant interest from the fanbase. The concept behind the mod is simple: to introduce a visually interactive system of casting spells. Inspired by the Harry Potter universe and its mod for Minecraft, Coatie’s magic system is all about flicking spells from one’s wand. But where the concept truly comes into its own is in the execution.

Casting spells isn’t a button that Minecraft players press – it’s a glyph that they draw and chain together. As Coatie explains it, one can draw the shape for Create, follow it up with Air, and finish it with Fire to summon a Lightning Bolt to shoot at one’s foes. From simple concepts that only use two shapes to complex summoning spells such as conjuring a Hoglin or swapping places with the target entity, the possibilities of the mod are nigh inexhaustible.

The Minecraft mod currently only supports premade spell combinations, which are cast by holding down the right mouse button and drawing the shapes before releasing. However, Coatie plans to automatize the way spells are interpreted to support combinations without a special effect. Needless to say, the concept is interesting and well worth a look for Minecraft players in want of something different. Though it’s unlikely that Mojang will add a magic system in the game any time soon, fans can thankfully rely on talented creatives such as Coatie to provide.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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