Minecraft Event Turns the Game into The Purge

The success of Minecraft can be boiled down to the fact that its near-infinite replay value and gameplay mechanics mean players can unlock limitless creativity. While some may think of it as a video game more suited for kids, its appeal goes beyond age barriers, with many adults enjoying Mojang’s open-world sandbox title. It can also be a peaceful experience as well, and while it does have some violence, it’s not what many would consider extreme. That is, until these people came along.


As spotted by PCGamesN, YouTuber Forge Labs, along with a bunch of others, has been engaging in a Minecraft event that turns the otherwise chill game into a dystopian nightmare. Essentially, what the players have done is make their own version of The Purge, in which all crime is legal, including murder, just like in the films and TV series. The video begins with everyone taking seven days to prepare for the event. During this period, no one is allowed to kill another player, and if someone were to die during this initial seven-day period, they would permanently lose one heart of health.

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It’s a pretty unique way to play what is often considered one of the most relaxing games around. For those who are less familiar, The Purge is part of Blumhouse horror along with Insidious and Paranormal Activity. The original film came out in 2013 to mixed reviews. Since then, it’s spawned a number of sequels, including an as yet unnamed sixth installment, as well as a TV series, which was cancelled after two seasons. Given the violent nature of this franchise, it seems it would be the polar opposite to something like Minecraft, yet Forge Labs and the others have made it an entertaining event.

Fans are always looking for ways to challenge themselves when it comes to new or interesting projects. For example, one Minecraft player is mining an entire map’s worth of the world. Having spent the last five years digging away at every block, right down to bedrock, they estimate that they’ll have cleared roughly 47 million blocks by September. Then it’s onto the Nether and End worlds.

With the Bedrock Edition having just received its 1.19.20 update, Mojang is evidently not slowing down when it comes to looking after its hugely profitable asset. The game has been going for well over a decade now, and with fans engaging in any number of projects, including rather violent ones, it seems as though Minecraft will continue to be in the gaming limelight for a good while longer.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PCGamesN

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