Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 ‘Fauna Faire’ gets sneak peek ahead of Minecraft Live 2022

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons’ third Seasonal Adventure is right around the corner, with more info to be revealed during Minecraft Live 2022.
  • Ahead of the event, Mojang Studios has shared a sneak peek at ‘Fauna Faire,’ Season 3 of Minecraft Dungeons.
  • The major content update will bring a new Adventure Pass, fresh content for The Tower, lots of animal-themed cosmetics and pets, and much more.
  • Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire arrives on Oct. 19, 2022 for all players alongside a free new level.

Minecraft Dungeons is the first major expansion to the Minecraft universe outside of the survival-crafting genre, and it has enjoyed an illustrious journey filled with new content updates, community love, and more. On Wednesday, Mojang Studios gave players a sneak peek at what the future holds for Minecraft Dungeons with the ‘Fauna Faire’ update.

Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Faire will be the third Seasonal Adventure for the ongoing action-RPG title, and will bring with it a huge amount of content. Mojang Studios has promised that much more information is coming during Minecraft Live 2022, but for now, players will have to content themselves with a general overview of what to expect.

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire will include:

Image of Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 Fauna Faire.

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios | Mojang Studios)
  • A new Adventure Pass. Like with previous seasons, Minecraft Dungeons Season 3 will bring fresh challenges to complete and rewards to earn, with free tiers and a premium Adventure Pass. Also like previous seasons, the Fauna Faire Adventure Pass will never expire.
  • Animal-themed cosmetics and rewards. Fauna Faire is themed after pets and animals, and there are plenty of content additions to go with that theme, including new pets, skins, and other cosmetics. We can see in the limited footage we have new pets like a red panda of penguins, as well as a chicken-like emote to go with the accompanying chicken skin.
  • New content and multiplayer for The Tower. The Tower made its debut with the first Seasonal Adventure of Minecraft Dungeons, and it will continue to expand with Fauna Faire. Mojang Studios is adding mysterious new floors, but it’s also introducing four-player online co-op to The Tower for the very first time. Now, players will be able to tackle The Tower with their friends.
  • New Enchantsmith Merchant. A new Merchant is joining the Camp with the Enchantsmith, an exciting vendor that will be able to re-roll enchantments on any weapons or gear. It’s not clear exactly how this will work, but this addition will certainly please many players.
  • Free Treetop Tangle level. The Jungle Awakens biome in Minecraft Dungeons is gaining a free level that will be available to all players, regardless if they own the Jungle Awakens DLC. The Treetop Tangle level will task players with exploring a massive tree, and will contain unique new gear for players to obtain.

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