Minecraft Charity Stream Hits $25,000 Funding Goal Before It Even Starts

A Minecraft charity stream hit the funding goal of $25,000 before the Twitch stream even officially began. The Minecraft event was hosted on Twitch as a means to raise money for Gamers Outreach Foundation. Even with the goal met, the stream went on as planned. What was not planned was the amount of money that ended up being raised for this charity, especially at such a quick rate.

The Gamers Outreach Foundation is a charity that supports hospitalized children by providing them access to video games, so they can focus on their well-being and play, instead of on medical procedures, losing friends while hospitalized, or worrying about the unknown. The organization describes its mission as, “Gamers Outreach is a for-purpose organization helping to restore a sense of joy and normalcy in the lives of hospitalized children. We believe the world is better when kids can play, and gamers have the power to help,” according to the charity’s official website. Twitch has been a source of charity streams that raise money for different causes, such as Awesome Games Done Quick, with its ease of access and the ability to reach so many people, but little did this streamer know how much of an impact he was going to make with the fundraiser.


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The popular Minecraft streamer, GoodTimesWithScar, streamed the event on his channel, and he took to social media after the event to thank everyone who supported the cause. The official title of the fundraiser is called Hermitcraft, which was organized by the Minecraft group of the same name. In a Twitch clip from GoodTimesWithScar, a member of the Hermitcraft community, he realizes that his stream has already broken the fundraising goal. He described himself as “shocked” and gets visibly emotional. Before the stream even officially began, over $30,000 had been raised. While charity streams can be over multiple days, such as the 2022 Summer Games Done Quick event raising over $3 million for charity, this event managed to raise over $400,000 in just a few hours.

GoodTimesWithScar has a neuromuscular disease that makes his muscles weak, according to his “about” section on Twitch. He is also frequently seen on-stream using oxygen. With his circumstances being seen as unfair by many, GoodTimesWithScar has sought to bring joy to his large and growing community, on both YouTube and Twitch. With a lot of controversy surrounding Twitch, especially in regard to a Twitch community guidelines update to ban gambling, there are a lot of content creators that are trying to spread goodwill.

GoodTimesWithScar has stated that “all the donations will go directly to the charity,” and that he will be “very transparent” in the coming months to show viewers where their money went and how much of an impact it has made. Even with controversy on Twitch, there have also been a lot of positive contributions on the platform, like a wholesome video taking a woman from 0 viewers to 89,000 after a TikTok video. Donations are still being accepted on the Tiltify website.

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