Minecraft Batman DLC Pack Launches October 18

Gotham City and a number of its most iconic heroes and villains will be added to the game.

Last week’s Minecraft Live featured almost two hours of news about the best-selling game of all time. The biggest reveal of all might well have been Minecraft’s Batman DLC, complete with the reveal that the new content will be available to purchase and play from October 18.

As shown off in the video below (at around the 1:03:00 mark) Minecraft’s Batman DLC will include Gotham City made up within the Minecraft universe, complete with Arkham Asylum. The prison seems to be where Batman will take on and attempt to defeat The Joker. They will need to play through what appears to be a pretty extensive story before reaching that point, though.

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As well as Gotham, Batman, and The Joker, the DLC will also feature a number of DC villains you will need to take down. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, and Mr. Freeze will attempt to stop the caped crusader on his quest to take down the clown prince of crime. The DLC also includes the Batmobile, and there’s a brief moment where you can see Robin tailing Batman in the trailer below.

In fact, the tweet revealing the news to anyone who didn’t happen to be watching Minecraft Live features block versions of all four playable characters from Gotham Knights. The arrival of Minecraft’s Batman DLC is no coincidence in that regard. WB Montreal’s new DC game launches this Friday, and it was revealed over the weekend that on November 29, a four-player co-op mode called Heroic Assault will be added for free.

If a few more hours is just too long to wait for your Batman Minecraft fix, you can get a free Batman cap for your character in-game right now. The price of the DLC hasn’t yet been confirmed, but Minecraft’s SpongeBob pack sold for $10, so hopefully the Batman equivalent will be about the same.

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