Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC announced: Everything included & how to get it

Published: 2022-12-06T23:23:18

Updated: 2022-12-06T23:23:28

Mojang and Nickelodeon have collaborated for maybe the most exciting Minecraft DLC yet, bringing Korra, Aang, and the entire Avatar world into the game.

Minecraft is best-known for its vanilla version that allows players to create, build, and explore the game to their heart’s content.

But developer Mojang has also been partnering with popular IP to release Minecraft DLC that takes players out of the sandbox and puts them into a more linear style of play. Rather than just building creations, they can play through specific missions as Batman or other characters… just in the style of Minecraft.

The most-recently announced DLC from Minecraft will have players intrigued, as they can now do more than just build with the earth they harvest, but also battle with it.

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Minecraft announces Avatar DLC

On the official Minecraft site, Mojang announced a partnership with Nickelodeon and Gamemode One that will bring the characters, locations, and powers from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to the blocky world.

Players will have a chance to become the Avatar and master all four elements, unlocking new bending techniques as they improve their manipulation of each element.

The DLC pack will allow players to play as their favorite characters from the cartoon like Aang, Katara, Korra, or Zuko, as the pack includes more than 50 skins. But the pack also brings Aang’s companions, Appa and Momo, into Minecraft as well, although it does not appear that they will function in a similar way to other mobs.

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The pack also incorporates quests and challenges, which are not integral to the core of the vanilla Minecraft experience. By completing these, players will unlock and refine their own bending powers until they eventually become powerful enough to master all four elements.

The Avatar DLC is available for download on the Minecraft site now.

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