Minecraft Achievement Guide: Feeling Ill

Minecraft players earn the “Feeling Ill” achievement when they defeat an evoker mob for the first time.

The world of Minecraft is home to an abundance of hostile and dangerous mobs for players to take on in battle. Evokers are one of those very mobs, which can cast powerful offensive spells against players.

These mobs can be quite challenging, and players should be sure to arm themselves properly in order to maximize their chances for victory. They can only be encountered in two different environments, but offer a life saving items for players who are able to defeat them.

This article will be breaking down how Minecraft players can obtain the “Feeling Ill” achievement.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Feeling Ill


In order for players to earn the “Feeling Ill” achievement, they will first need to hunt down and locate an evoker mob. Evokers can only be encountered inside of woodland mansions and during raids on a village.

These enemies can be quite difficult to defeat, so players should be sure to arm themselves properly to increase their chances of defeating them. A handful of hits from a powerful weapon, such as a diamond or netherite sword, will be enough to take one down.

The tricky part is that these mobs can deal quiet a lot of damage themselves, so a good set or armor and acting quickly will be in the best interest of Minecraft players.

Evokers that are inside of woodland mansions spawn during the generation of each room of the woodland mansion itself. Luckily, these mobs do not naturally respawn. This means that they will remain in the room that they generated in, until a player is able to defeat them.

The only hard part will be actually finding one of these mobs, as they do have a tendency to be elusive and stay in particular rooms.

Minecraft players also have the potential to fight these mobs during a raid on a village. Evokers will begin spawning starting at wave five, with the opportunity to fight even more during waves six and seven. This makes raids a great opportunity for players to get their hands on them.

The best strategy for taking down evokers is to go on the offensive as quickly as possible. There is an obvious animation that appears when an evoker is spellcasting, which typically gives Minecraft players enough time to be able to react.

If an evoker is able to summon vexes to help defend itself, it is still best to try and get the evoker first.

Players can also utilize ranged combat in order to prevent themselves from receiving damage at all. Peeking in and out of line of sight and using blocks as barriers can be incredibly helpful for Minecraft players who employ this strategy.

Once a player has defeated an evoker, they will be rewarded with the “Feeling Ill” achievement and a totem of undying.

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