Minecraft 1.20’s Bamboo Wood Opens the Door for Other Creative Wood Types

Minecraft‘s latest 1.20 update is bringing plenty of interesting new additions to the game, but arguably chief among them is the new bamboo wood type, and it’s this change that some fans believe will open the door to all-new wood types never before considered. Inspired by the real-world use of bamboo as a wood substitute due to its quick growth and durability, Minecraft‘s bamboo wood will not only give players an easily sourced building material to work with but new forms of decorative blocks to use. But since bamboo isn’t explicitly a type of tree, players are hoping this means other unique wood types could come to the game.


Between bamboo and mangrove trees, Mojang appears to be on a roll with adding new wood types to Minecraft, especially considering the dry spell between versions 1.8 and 1.16, when crimson and warped fungi were added. Therefore, some hope that, with bamboo’s update, more wood types could be on the horizon, and particularly those not associated with a brand-new tree type. These new wood types could come from changes to the current plants that are already available in Minecraft or these could take inspiration from other real-world examples, just like bamboo.

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Updates to Azalea Trees

Added in update 1.17, azalea trees have been a focus of fan discussion since their introduction, as while they are strictly speaking their own tree type, they only produce oak logs. Instead, Minecraft players can find azaleas or flowering azaleas and grow their own trees via bone meal, but many recognize them as more decorative trees than anything else. Arguably, their main utility is to help players find lush cave biomes above ground, as azaleas can naturally generate over these caves and could spare players endlessly mining.

Given the relative rarity that azaleas have, both in how they generate and how players can “farm” their own azaleas, many fans have pointed out Mojang’s missed opportunity to add a new azalea wood type. Not only would an azalea wood type be popular among players who seek out rarer, harder-to-obtain Minecraft blocks for their builds, but a new shade and style of wood could have equally expanded players’ creativity. For example, some mods have introduced an azalea wood type that’s slightly pink, not too dissimilar to crimson wood’s own red color.

Changes to Chorus Plants

The End remains largely unchanged since the 1.9 Combat Update, something which has left many fans demanding a Minecraft End update. Most ideas fans have for this update vary from improved fauna and flora to all new structures, but though this could be antithetical to the End’s purpose in Minecraft, a change to the Chorus Plants could be worth considering. While chorus fruit can be used to craft purpur blocks for building with, the plants themselves could further be utilized to create a new unique “chorus wood.”

Chorus plants can be cut down similarly to bamboo, and chorus plant blocks already exist within Minecraft despite remaining unobtainable in Survival. Mojang could change this so that these plant blocks can be collected and used to create chorus wood. Just like azalea’s scarcity, this would again appeal to players seeking out rare blocks for building while also offering a new wood type that maybe matches or complements the lilac color of purpur blocks. The new wood type could even improve the overall design of End cities and ships.

Uses for Random Wood

One of the biggest peeves Minecraft players have is having the odd block or resource left over from either building or crafting something. With players constantly inventing new methods of storage in Minecraft and trying to optimize their builds, having a handful of blocks left over from building can be frustrating as these either go to waste or take up valuable space. Since wood remains one of the most common blocks used in any players’ build from an initial starter base to grander headquarters, Mojang could capitalize on this and let players use up their random wood blocks.

A possible source of inspiration for this could come from real-world plywood, whose history is rooted in using up cheaper wood types and combining these together in layers. Not only was this economical, but it proved to be durable too, hence why plywood continues to be used today. Mojang could add “plywood planks” as a craftable wood type that takes four random logs or planks to make and depicts several of Minecraft’s many wood types in one block. This not only adds a use for random wood but again adds a new block for builds with a certain rustic aesthetic.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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