Minecraft 1.20 update will add playable mob sounds

Mojang has announced a new and unexpected feature for the Minecraft 1.20 update.

In the upcoming version of the game, players will be able to play the sounds of certain mobs using note blocks.

Here’s what the developers at Mojang said about the feature in a blog post:

“This week, Java snapshots and Bedrock betas & previews will introduce you to the next Minecraft 1.20 feature: playable mob sounds! When you place a mob head on a note block, it will now play that mob’s ambient sound.

“This feature also brings piglin heads to the collection that already includes the zombie, creeper, skeleton, wither skeleton, and Ender Dragon. At last you can create a zombie zymphony, or an Ender Dragon alarm system. Want to create a creeper white noise machine to help you sleep at night? Sleep sSsSsssoundly, friend.”

How the playable mob sounds will work in Minecraft

New piglin head from the upcoming snapshot, beta, and preview (Image via Mojang)
New piglin head from the upcoming snapshot, beta, and preview (Image via Mojang)

This week, Mojang will release a new snapshot for Java Edition and a beta/preview for Bedrock Edition. Players can download these developmental versions to experience playable mob sounds.

Players only need two items to play mob sounds: a note block and a mob head. A note block can be crafted using eight wooden planks and one redstone dust. Mob heads, on the other hand, can take a lot of work to obtain.


After obtaining both items, players can place the mob head on top of the note block. The note block will then play the sounds of the mob whose head is used.

As of now, Minecraft only has the mob heads of five entities. These are zombies, creepers, skeletons, wither skeletons, and the Ender Dragon. The upcoming snapshot, beta, and preview will feature the piglin head, the game’s sixth mob head.

Mojang is yet to reveal how players can obtain this new mob head. Some speculate that it will be available as chest loot in bastion remnants. Others hope it is farmable using charged creepers, like zombies, creepers, and skeleton heads.

How to use playable mob sounds

In the coming snapshot and beta, you’ll be able to play mob sounds by putting their head on a noteblock! Plus we’re adding a new Piglin head for you to play around with and be creative 😀 What are you going to do with this creative new feature?? :Dminecraft.net/en-us/article/…

Playable mob sounds are one of those features that call for creativity. It is up to players to decide how they want to use it. They can prank friends using the sounds of creepers or utilize the Ender Dragon’s roars to create a terrifying alarm system. The possibilities are endless.

Minecraft players will definitely come up with some creative builds as soon as the playable mob sounds arrive in Java and Bedrock Edition.

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