Minecraft 1.20 update might bring new mob head to the game

Mojang may be adding another mob head to Minecraft. In the game’s latest snapshot, the developers revealed their intention to add sounds to mob heads. When players place a mob head on a note block, it will play a specific sound.

Apart from this announcement, the developers disclosed that they’re adding piglin heads to the mix. This is the first new mob head in quite some time.

Mojang wrote on its official blog:

“This week, Java snapshots and Bedrock betas & previews will introduce you to the next Minecraft 1.20 feature: playable mob sounds! When you place a mob head on a note block, it will now play that mob’s ambient sound.”

It added:

“This feature also brings piglin heads to the collection that already includes the zombie, creeper, skeleton, wither skeleton, and Ender Dragon. At last you can create a zombie zymphony, or an Ender Dragon alarm system. Want to create a creeper white noise machine to help you sleep at night? Sleep sSsSsssoundly, friend.”

Right now, only creepers, zombies, wither skeletons, skeletons and the Ender Dragon have a collectible mob head.

This new feature is available in the latest round of snapshots. If it works well, players will be able to experience it in the full version of the game once the 1.20 update arrives.

The blog post also stated that more details will be revealed ahead of the full release of the update. This likely means that mob heads, chiseled bookshelves, the Sniffer, hanging signs, and camels won’t be the only major additions to the game.

When is the 1.20 update expected to arrive in Minecraft?

The 1.20 update was officially announced on Minecraft Live in October, where Mojang also revealed key information about Legends and Dungeons, two of its other games.

The developers gave the 1.20 update a loose “2023” release date, which could mean any time between January and December next year. They probably haven’t set an official release date yet to avoid any scheduling crunches and set aside enough time to implement everything.

Mob heads available (Image via Mojang)
Mob heads available (Image via Mojang)

Many fans believe that the 1.20 update will be released in the first portion of the year. Spring seems to be a popular time for new releases, and it is possible that the update will come out then.

Unfortunately, there’s been no official word from Mojang beyond the 2023 announcement. However, as the update gets closer, more information and details will become available.

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