Minecraft 1.20 update in danger of being painfully mediocre

Mojang recently debuted their long-awaited livestream for 2022. They revealed information regarding key dates and changes for their two other games, Legends and Dungeons, but the biggest reason audiences tuned in was so they could learn about the 1.20 update to Minecraft.

To be clear, Mojang did reveal plenty about the 1.20 update, including the winner of the Mob Vote. The Sniffer defeated both the Rascal and the Tuff Golem with relative ease. It garnered 55% of the total vote.

Since then, a few features have been confirmed ahead of the next update: bundles (already confirmed prior to the livestream), camels, bamboo crafting recipes, hanging signs and chiseled bookshelves.

Minecraft update

Camels are coming in 1.20

Those additions are fine. But if Mojang doesn’t add a lot more, and a lot better things, then the 1.20 update might be painfully mediocre.

Minecraft 1.20 update might be very disappointing

To be totally fair, the additions they’ve announced are good. Camels are going to be a fun addition that revamp riding mobs around, something that hasn’t been done yet.

Additionally, bamboo crafting recipes, including the ability to make a raft and bamboo planks, are a well-needed entry to the wood catalog.

Even the less popular additions are good. Hanging signs and chiseled bookshelves will be useful and interesting at the very least.

However, those are not attention-grabbers. Those are bottom of the barrell additions. The entire 1.20 update is focused on those announcements? That doesn’t bode well for a good update.

Those things need to be in the game. No one in the community is arguing against the inclusion of camels. The problem is, that’s not a headlining addition.

For a huge livestream that was supposed to excite players about the future, Minecraft Live 2022 was a miss. The Mob Vote winner was exciting. Unfortunately, that’s about the only exciting thing players were shown.

Why Mojang can’t afford a bad Minecraft update

The last several updates have been hit or miss. They’ve had good items and mobs, like goats, echo shards, axolotls and deepslate. They’ve also had fairly pointless or frustrating additions, like mud, powder snow and music disc fragments.

Minecraft is not in danger of losing its audience. After 13 years, everyone who is playing the game is probably not going away. Even if the update is bad, most players will stick around.

However, the game and the developers are in danger of losing their reputation.

Right now, the game has the prestige of being one of the best ever. There’s a reason it’s one of the most-bought games and one of the most played of all time. Bad games don’t last 13 years. If they’re unable to do anything good this time around, the game might begin to seem more boring and less interesting.

A string of bad updates, which many believe they are on, would suggest that they don’t have any more useful ideas. If that’s the case, then the game might be heading towards a demise.

Ultimately, it’s very unlikely that they don’t add more big things to the update before it releases. A couple of new biomes, more useful items and even another mob or two are all very likely. Nevertheless, if these additions are what Mojang felt was the best it had for 1.20, then the update will be painfully mediocre.

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