Minecraft 1.20 Needs a New Hostile Overworld Mob

While some additions coming to Minecraft in its 1.20 update have been showcased, such as hanging signs to bamboo wood, some fans hoped that a new hostile mob might be introduced to the Overworld besides just camels. The latest mob added was the Warden, which was delivered with so much fanfare that it, alongside the new deep dark biome, dominated player discussion for its respective update. Still, the Warden occupies a special place in Minecraft canon as a near-unstoppable monster, meaning fans need to go back even further into Minecraft history to find another update that introduced a more casual hostile mob.


Currently, the spectrum of hostile mobs is very familiar to even the most novice of players, ranging from the standard Zombie or Skeleton to Minecraft‘s iconic Creeper. This means that players are already accustomed to handling the usual thoroughfare of hostile mobs that nightfall brings, and the result is a lack of challenge caused by Mojang’s stagnating creativity. Even reflected in Mojang’s recent Mob Votes save for the likes of the Iceologer, the studio doesn’t appear to be prioritizing casual hostile mobs currently. For its 1.20 update, this needs to change in order to reintroduce some stakes for players and lean more into its world design.

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Acknowledging Recent Neutral and Hostile Mobs


Before digging into the lack of updates for hostile mobs, it would be pertinent to first acknowledge that Mojang has made several recent additions to neutral mobs in Minecraft. Though not overtly hostile, these mobs can and will attack the player if triggered to do so. The latest examples include the bee from 1.15 and the goat from 1.17. As far as character design goes, players can appreciate that, much like in real life, if certain mobs were to be provoked, would try and defend themselves or a certain area. But with camels coming in Minecraft 1.20, the game doesn’t have a neutral or passive mob problem.

The crux of the issue is that players want a new explicitly hostile mob that adds something new. Technically speaking, fans want a lot more mobs in Minecraft, evidenced by all the Minecraft mods that add new mobs to the game, but if Mojang can only deliver so many at a time, then its focus should be on where this is needed most. For instance, the last hostile mob before the Warden was the Piglin Brutes and Zoglins in 1.16, which are exclusive to the Nether. Before that came Pillagers and Ravagers in 1.14, which means that the Minecraft Overworld hasn’t gotten a normal hostile mob in nearly four years.

A New Hostile Mob For The Overworld

minecraft warden (1)

Possible new hostile mobs for Minecraft‘s Overworld can therefore come from two different places. Mojang can simultaneously address the recent dry spell of hostile mobs and fans’ desires for more Minecraft mobs unique to biomes by introducing animal-based mobs like alligators and piranhas to swamps, sharks to oceans, or even owls to forests at night. In short, any biomes currently lacking in mob variety could help address the shortfall of hostile mobs. However, since most animals tend not to naturally prey on people in real life, this could be a creative step too far for Mojang’s tastes.

The other option is to introduce a hostile mob that’s unique for Minecraft. For instance, thanks to the recent addition of sculk to Minecraft canon, hostile mobs either corrupted by or composed of sculk could be one possible avenue for Mojang to explore. Meanwhile, mobs left over from previous Mob Votes like 2017’s “The Great Hunger” or 2021’s Glare could easily be repurposed as new hostile mobs, especially as this not only sets out their unique mechanics in advance, but it also answers calls for Minecraft Mob Vote losers to return.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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