Minecraft 1.20 Might Be a Particularly Cozy Update

Minecraft is generally considered to be one of the most relaxing games ever made. Letting players have complete creative freedom over what they build, where they build, and when they build it, Minecraft is an unparalleled game when it comes to player-freedom and creativity. Minecraft‘s tools also let players create some of the coziest structures in video game existence, with mood lighting, customizable furniture, and foliage all being used to create environments that give players immediate chill vibes, and it seems as though Minecraft‘s 1.20 update is only going to continue this trend.


Releasing early next year, Minecraft‘s 1.20 update is set to add a plethora of new content to the game. Along with a handful of new biomes, Minecraft 1.20 will apparently add some new mobs, creator features, and some new skins. Of course, as is the case with every major Minecraft update, 1.20 is also adding a slew of new buildable blocks and craftable objects, some of which give the update some real cozy vibes.

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Minecraft 1.20 Has Some Real Cozy Vibes

In general, Minecraft‘s major updates don’t tend to be all that cozy. Most of Minecraft‘s past updates have revolved around adding new wildlife to the game, or have focused on letting players explore new depths of the world, from the ocean to the deepest mines and even the Nether. As such, these updates have never really given off cozy vibes. For instance, the last major update titled Caves and Cliffs focused on adding new cave biomes to the game, as well as some new ore types. The coziest Caves and Cliffs got was its new clay pot and candle blocks.

Minecraft‘s 1.20 update, on the other hand, adds a few key features that are sure to give the game an even cozier feeling. This Minecraft update is adding bamboo as a new type of wood. While bamboo may not be the most obviously cozy material, the structures players can make out of it will have a certain rustic quality about them, and paired with the new bamboo raft object, players are sure to be able to make some cozy little villages from this new material. Another new object is a hanging sign, which is sure to add quite a bit of personality to a player’s town. These signs can be placed on posts, or hung off the sides of buildings, paving the way for players to clearly label each of their village’s structures.

One of the coziest new objects coming to Minecraft in its 1.20 update is the chiseled bookshelf. Created with six wooden planks and three wooden slabs, the chiseled bookshelf finally lets players store their books somewhere. When players store a book in the shelf, it’ll appear visually on said shelf, appearing as a cute and colorful little sprite. Not only is this new object actually quite practical, but it also feels very cozy when tucked away neatly in the corner of a house, or being used as the basis of a grand library. Paired with the relatively new candles, these chiseled bookshelves will give any structure an immediately warm, chill vibe.

All of these new additions are going to be made even cozier when they’re paired with update 1.20’s potentially revamped birch forest biome. Currently appearing a little dull and washed out, the birch forest biome has been teased for a revamp for a while now, and update 1.20 could finally deliver it. Using some recently released concept art as a guide, this revamped birch forest could be set to add more foliage, some fallen trees, and some wildlife, like bees stuck to the side of tree trunks. If this biome gets revamped in Minecraft‘s 1.20 update, then it could pave the way for some very cozy forest houses.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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