MC Championship (MCC) season 2 to end in December with MCC 28

After an exciting season packed with new games, new event types, and new players, the second season of the MC Championships (MCC) will come to an end with MCC 28. The final Minecraft tournament of MCC season two will take place on Dec. 3, 2022.

Noxcrew and Smajor shared this announcement in a YouTube video discussing all that has been accomplished across the course of MCC season two and hinting at what is to come in the future. After 18 memorable events that included some brand new event types like MCC Underdogs and exciting new game editions like Meltdown, the MCC team will officially be embarking on an indefinite hiatus following the occurrence of MCC 28 to prepare for season three.

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The MCC team regularly takes a hiatus around the end of the year to the beginning of the next one to prepare the Minecraft event for its next season. In the past, this break period has so far only been around three to four months, so players can likely expect to see the MCC tournament return for season three in March 2023.

While fans won’t have any MCC events to look forward to for a few months, the MCC team did promise that they will still be hard at work behind the scenes and that fans can expect lots of MCC Island content in the meantime. MCC events may be coming to a stop for now, but Noxcrew will strive to release more consistent updates on the Minecraft server. In addition to preparing for MCC season three and pushing more MCC Island updates, Noxcrew also plans to be hard at work moving MCC Island closer to a public open beta release so that more fans can soon jump in on the action.

During the announcement of the end of season two, Noxcrew also teased that they are “not done for 2022 quite yet” and have some “massive announcements and some amazing content for the end of this year.”

Image via Noxcrew

Before the MCC team takes their well-earned break, fans will get to enjoy one last season two MCC event. December’s MCC 28 event will be canon and will run as the final tournament of the second MCC season with a focus on “celebrating everyone who took part in making this season amazing in festive fashion.”

When MCC returns for season three in 2023, competitors will have the opportunity to earn a new coin for winning the event. The MCC team also promised “so many awesome things” in the works for season three, so fans and competitors alike certainly have a lot to look forward to.

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