MC Championship (MCC) 28: Live scores and game standings

The second season of the MC Championships (MCC) will come to an end with MCC 28, which is a regular version of the Minecraft tournament with an added layer of festive spirit for the winter season. A group of 40 creators will once more head into the Decision Dome to decide which mini-games they’ll play to round out season two of MCC.

A total of 10 teams will be competing in MCC 28 as usual, but these teams feature special names for the holiday season. Instead of names like the Red Rabbits, Lime Llamas, and Purple Pandas, players will instead be watching the Red Reindeer, Mint Mistletoes, and Purple Penguins. Special name changes exist for all 10 teams competing in the event, so fans will want to keep the changes in mind while cheering on their favorite team.

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The 28th installment of the Minecraft tournament will also be the final one for season two of MCC, which means that the event will take a hiatus once the winners of MCC 28 have been crowned. Fans will see the return of the tournament on a monthly basis with season three in early 2023 likely around March as has been the case with previous event breaks.

While fans won’t be able to enjoy monthly installments of MCC for a short time, they can still join the MCC Island server to stay in the MCC spirit even while the event isn’t running. Noxcrew has said they plan to utilize the break from monthly MCCs to push out more new content for the Minecraft server, so those who enjoy the tournament may want to try jumping in on the action themselves.

Image via Noxcrew

Fans hoping to keep up with the event as it occurs or see how players scored during it will find a full breakdown of all MCC 28 scores below. This breakdown includes the eight mini-games that the 10 teams choose to play, the order that teams play the mini-games in, team placements for every mini-game, who takes first place after each mini-game, the top two teams who move on to the Dodgebolt finale, and the team that ultimately claims victory in the 28th installment of the Minecraft event with all information being added as the event occurs.

Rocket Spleef Rush scores

The first mini-game of MCC 28 chosen by the 10 teams was Rocket Spleef Rush, which is a survival-centric game that takes place over three rounds where competitors must try to outlast other players while flying around the map with an elytra. Players can also utilize rocket launchers to try to eliminate the other teams while they are all soaring through the air. All platforms throughout the map will slowly crumble, which forces players to continuously move to the next one.

Screengrab via MCC Live

Rocket Spleef Rush Winner: Emerald Elves

First Place Overall: Emerald Elves

Parkour Warrior Scores

The second game to take place during MCC 28 was Parkour Warrior. This game made a grand return with a refreshed look and gameplay style during the MCC 26 Halloween event. Before it returned, Parkour Warrior was out of the event for quite some time but is now officially back in the mini-game pool.

As the name of the game hints, Parkour Warrior is all about putting Minecraft parkour skills to the test. All competitors must work through a series of complex obstacles where they will need to make tough decisions regarding which paths to take. More difficult paths will grant better rewards, but may also be more time-consuming and difficult which could instead lead to players earning fewer coins overall. 

Screengrab via MCC Live

Parkour Warrior Winner: Emerald Elves

First Place Overall: Emerald Elves

Ace Race Scores

MCC 28’s third game took place after the server timed out and a team substitution was made. Ace Race was chosen to be played third with a brand new map covered in snow for the winter season. This map asks players to complete the course four times as opposed to many other Ace Race maps that ask players to complete three.

Ace Race is essentially one long obstacle course race. Competitors must fly with an elytra, run through obstacles, utilize tridents to quickly navigate water, and jump on special jump pads to make their way through Ace Race as quickly as possible. All coins in Ace Race are earned based on who completes the entire four-lap run fastest, so all teams want to try and finish the race as swiftly as they can.

Screengrab via MCC Live

Ace Race Winner: Teal Turkeys

First Place Overall: Emerald Elves

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