MC Championship (MCC) 27 Underdogs to feature Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Ludwig, and more

The MC Championships (MCC) are a monthly Minecraft tournament that primarily brings together creators known throughout the Minecraft space. But the event has also occasionally featured other creators who are known for a variety of content and only dabble in Minecraft.

The next MCC event, which is a non-canon event called MCC 27 Underdogs, will feature perhaps the biggest lineup of creators outside of the realm of Minecraft yet. Some of them, like Valkyrae and Sykkuno, will be returning once more, while others, such as Disguised Toast and kkatamina_, will be making their official MCC debuts.

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While most special MCC events are entirely non-canon, which means that they don’t take into account players’ regular scores, wins, and statistics, MCC Underdogs does take into account players’ overall canon wins because it is essential for the theme of the event. Only those who have never won a canonical MCC event are allowed to participate in MCC Underdogs, which is likely why so many creators outside of the realm of Minecraft decided to jump in and give it a go.

There is a total of 10 teams participating in the MCC Underdogs event with a pretty even divide between regular competitors who haven’t been able to claim victory in the event yet, competitors who have joined the event just once or twice, and competitors who have yet to jump into the Decision Dome and will be experiencing MCC for the very first time during the special event.

Image via Noxcrew

Creators jumping in for the first time during MCC 27 Underdogs and who are not known primarily for their Minecraft content include Disguised Toast, BaboAbe, kkatamina_, James Marriott, BoxBox, ItzMasayoshi, and iiTzTimmy. Most of these creators are known for a wide variety of content but have also been seen playing Minecraft on occasion.

Those who have competed just a few times, are known primarily outside of the Minecraft space, and will be competing in MCC Underdogs are Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Ludwig, Joey Graceffa, TinaKitten, and ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, and DraconiteDragon.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno both participated in MCC Pride 2022 and were supposed to be joined in the event by Ludwig, but he was substituted at the last minute and replaced by TinaKitten, likely due to some unforeseen issues. Ludwig has thus only officially participated in MCC 13 but is now finally making his official MCC return in the MCC Underdogs event as long as everything goes according to plan this time.

Joey Graceffa played in six MCC events that occurred in season one, TinaKitten has played in three events thus far, all of which have been in season two, and the entire group of ItsFunneh, PaintingRainbows, GoldenGlare, and DraconiteDragon have only participated in MCC Pride 2021.

In the realm of Minecraft creators, DanTDM and Strawburry17 are making a grand return for MCC 27. DanTDM hasn’t participated since MCC 14 and Strawburry17 hasn’t played since MCC 9 and fans are thus excited to see them play once more.

A few creators primarily known for their Minecraft content will be playing for the first time during MCC 27 and these creators are FireBreathMan, BdoubleO100, and impulseSV.

Image via Noxcrew

Outside of these Minecraft creators, fans can also expect to see many of their favorite regular MCC competitors who haven’t been able to claim victory in a canon event yet, such as Ranboo, Nihachu, Jack Manifold, vGumiho, and Aimsey, as they try to finally get a precious MCC coin.

Those hoping to catch all of these creators and more can watch the event unfold live on Nov. 12. Fans can choose to watch through the lens of their favorite competitor on their preferred platform of choice, which can be found on MCC Live, or instead watch through Noxcrew’s administrator point of view on its Twitch channel.

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