MC Championship (MCC) 27 Underdogs: Live scores and game standings

The latest MC Championship (MCC) event features a special battle between only competitors who have never previously won an event. The 27th installment of the Minecraft tournament is half-canon and called MCC Underdogs.

MCC Underdogs is occurring on the third anniversary of the event and thus features special celebratory elements, such as party hats for players, confetti scattered around, and balloons everywhere to mark the momentous occasion. The anniversary festivities also extend into the MCC mini-games as in honor of the events anniversary, maps from all throughout MCC history return for the MCC Underdogs event.

Image via Noxcrew

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The MCC Underdogs event also follows just one year after MCC All-Stars took place on MCC’s second anniversary. While MCC All-Stars featured only those who had won at least one MCC. MCC Underdogs flips the lineup entirely by putting only those who have never won an MCC event in the spotlight.

MCC 27 is a unique half-canon event, which means that the statistics and records will not be counted, but that the team that claims victory in the event will still be given an official MCC winners coin. It will run mostly as a usual event does with 10 teams competing for the prized MCC coin, although the MCC Underdogs lineup includes both regular competitors who just haven’t been able to claim victory yet and brand-new competitors making their official MCC debut.

A complete breakdown of scores for all 10 teams across the entirety of the MCC event is as follows. All mini-game scoring, who wins each mini-game, who is in the lead after each game occurs, the official game order chosen by the teams in the Decision Dome, and the ultimate winner will be updated as the tournament unfolds.

To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF) Scores

The special MCC Underdogs event kicked off with To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOSAWAF), which is a mini-game centered around being the quickest to reach the other side. TGTTOSAWAF unfolds over six individual rounds on six distinctive maps.

Each map may ask players to utilize various tools like blocks, snowballs, elytras, or pickaxes. All tools exist to either help them find their way through or sabotage other players for a bit of chaos.

Screengrab via MCC Live

TGTTOSAWAF Winner: Purple Pandas

First Place Overall: Purple Pandas

Battle Box Scores

The second game of the MCC 27 Underdogs event was Battle Box, which is a PvP-centric game that pits each individual team against each other. Battle occurs over nine rounds in a small, enclosed arena where players must work with their teams to eliminate the other competitors in a series of four-vs-four matches. 

At the start of each Battle Box match, all players must choose a kit to aid them in battle. These kits include extra equipment that they can utilize against their foes and more loot may also be picked up from around the small arena. 

Screengrab via MCC Live

Battle Box Winner: Purple Pandas

First Place Overall: Purple Pandas

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