Looking For Minecraft Mods to Download? Here are the Top 3 of them

Minecraft is a 2009 sandbox game that has seen an overwhelming fanbase over the years. In an era dominated by fluidic graphics and outstanding gaming stories offered by popular gaming titles like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, or Call of Duty, it is a wonder how the game still has a whopping over 17 million active players globally.

Presently owned by American tech company Microsoft, Minecraft has continued to thrive brilliantly in the shelf life of other games. One of the many reasons behind that is the mods. Yes, there are some amazing Modpacks that transform your Minecraft experience developed by the community. Server owners in the game have the liberty to try and use unique mods that enhance the game. Some of these drastically improve the graphics, while others add several in-game features to the vanilla version. 

Looking for the top list? Here are the top five ones shortlisted in this article.



Compatible for: 1.7.2 – 1.18.1

This mod is for those who want their game to run smoother, faster, and with better FPS. Undoubtedly, it stays at the top of the list, considering that most players love having plenty of graphics and rendering options at their fingertips. This popular mod allows gamers to run different shader packs for further visual enhancement.

Does it boost gameplay? Well, obviously, it does. Thanks to its FPS-boost and VSync features that enhance the overall gameplay experience. 

Besides that, it also allows for different modifications, like choosing how different elements like water, snow, vegetation, or objects in the sky look. Beyond these, it supports HD textures, fonts, and other fine details.



Compatible for: 1.0.0 – 1.17.1

If you are a beginner in Minecraft, it is normal to wonder why this mod exists, considering there is already a map item in the game. However, only once you play the game do you understand that the clunky functionality of the in-built map is overwhelming. It has too much geographical data and is the least helpful.

This is where the mod JourneyMap comes into play. It lets gamers view the world through a custom map. Players can access the map as a mini-map, a full-screen one, or even in a separate window.

The mod adds a real-time map, which shows useful information like the lay of the land and locating where the character is or is heading. Besides, it has several other configurable options like checking FPS, waypoints, villagers, other players, etc.


Just Enough Items

Compatible for: 1.8 – 1.12.2

This mod is a savior for beginners in the game. Minecraft is famous for its immense levels of detail, like having hundreds of items, recipes, and much more. But all these make the game immensely challenging for first-timers in the sandbox world. 

The JEI or Just Enough Items mod addresses this problem and makes things easier for gamers. The mod makes the GUI look more intuitive and easy to understand, so players can enjoy it without being confused.


Wrapping Up

Frankly, Modpacks that transform your Minecraft experience are innumerable in number. There are plenty of functional and cosmetic mods that enhance the gameplay. If you are bored with the vanilla experience, getting a mod will surely hook you in for months. Thanks to the community that there are so many options available.

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